The compatibility of Pisces and Virgo Horoscopes

As opposite signs, Virgo and Pisces are intensely drawn to one another. Interestingly, Virgo represents the fall of Venus, whereas Pisces represents its exaltation.

This means that many of the ties and conflicts that bind them will be particularly Venusian issues – namely, pleasure, enjoyment, and the expression of love in the realm of sexuality.

Venus essentially falls in Virgo, a sun sign that is focused on practicality and utilitarian concerns. This is expressed by Virgo’s detail-oriented, intellectual personality. 


In Neptune-ruled Pisces, Venus is exalted. Neptune is all about expansion, transcendence, and the unseen realms of existence. This planetary ruling instills in Pisces a strong desire to escape from reality into fantasy.

In this respect, Virgo is Pisces’ opposite. Virgos are less concerned with universal, intangible ideals. Their humanitarianism is focused on being of service in the real world, finding practical solutions to worldly problems.



While Virgo is factual and literal, Pisces relates to abstract concepts. The ethereal nature of Pisces often attracts Virgo, who is secretly fascinated with the apparent Piscean ability to transcend reality and live in a world all their own. Virgo will be inspired by this Neptunian quality, but will not follow Pisces on their magical mystery tour.

It’s not that they don’t want to – they can’t. They are too compelled to the humanitarian crisis happening right here in the real world.

In a friendship, these fundamental opposites can be complementary. Pisces innately understands the interconnectedness of all beings.

This appeals to Virgo’s humanitarianism because it conveys that all lives matter, and there is a guiding universal principle of goodness that moves humanity forward. Virgo takes Pisces’ ideas and does the detail-oriented, dirty work involved in applying them to reality. 



The very things that keep a Pisces/Virgo friendship moving cause extreme challenges in an intimate relationship. Pisces needs to be with someone who will accompany them on their various detours into other realms of existence (or at the very least live his far-out dreams with him). Virgo’s near-religious adherence to pragmatism can suck the life out of Pisces. 

However, if their connection is strong, Virgo might just allow Pisces to tear their attention away from the details and inspire them with the bigger picture: the oneness of all things and the ability to manifest certain destinies without doing anything but believing in them.

If Virgo is open-minded and does not try to impose intellectual and practical restrictions on Pisces, the fish might just make her believe in love to overcome even the most glaring impracticalities of their pairing. That is no small feat.



Once Pisces gets Virgo to fall in love, what happens next? This pairing is so fraught with dissimilarities that Pisces has to be committed to sustaining love in reality rather than merely in dreams.

If, by chance, Virgo is enchanted by an irresponsible Pisces who is constantly escaping reality one way or another, the damage could be irreversible. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and intellect, Virgo will rationalize that love doesn’t exist in reality or that it wasn’t made to last. 

Few things are more devastating to witness than a Virgo disillusioned by love, and by association, humanity. For Pisces, who is karmically assigned to bring people together with the gentle force of universal love, this is equally devastating. Even if Pisces doesn’t realize his/her mistake, there will be a karmic lesson in store. 

A relationship with this many vulnerable karmic implications has to be handled with care. Luckily, most Virgos handle fragile, precious things with the utmost care, and most Pisces revere love above all other things. The evolved Pisces reveres sacrificial love, whereas less evolved fish can use love to serve narcissism, all under the guise of martyrdom.



Good communication is the cornerstone of this relationship’s survival when it lasts. Virgo and Pisces both tend to be passive and giving, which creates a caring and compassionate bond between them. 

Virgo can be a perfectionist. Those virgins who have not accepted their own vulnerability often reject what they see as weak qualities in others. At the mercy of this kind of controlling criticism, Pisces will flounder like a fish out of water. 

For this relationship to work, these two need to practice radical acceptance and commit to relating to one another with love, not derision. They need to value their differences instead of fighting them.



Believe it or not, this pairing is fairly scintillating in the bedroom. Virgo’s attention to detail answers every nuance of Pisces’ needs. Boding well for their satisfaction is that neither of them rush through intimacy. They passively let the passion build until it overflows more intensely than it would in a rush. 

Many astrologers believe that their sex is the real axis between the fall and exaltation of Venus. In other words, it’s where Mercury and Neptune meet in the middle.

Each submits to the desires of the other: The virgin deftly winds her rapt attention to detail around the Piscean tapestry of dreams; the fish focuses his creativity on satisfying Virgo’s physical and mental desires. 



Pisces and Virgo are both feminine signs, making them more receptive than action-oriented.

However, Neptune is a feminine planet of feelings, whereas Mercury is an intellectual planet of information. This means Virgo is essentially a mix of emotional sensitivity and practicality. This balanced part of the Virgin’s nature adds balance to Pisces’ emotional temperament.

Both Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs, meaning they adapt well to change and let conflicts go after they’re dealt with. This is a good thing; the ability to let go is pertinent to the survival of their relationship.

The sexual intimacy between these two heals a lot of their conflicts.


Virgo is a perfectionist and exacting. Pisces is freedom-loving and hates being controlled. Less mature members of their signs have very little chance of growing together and will usually go separate ways.

While Virgo is focused on details, Pisces is tuned into the bigger picture. It can be hard for them to understand each other for this reason.

Virgo may provide the practical support needed for Pisces to reach the sky, but she doesn’t necessarily want to accompany him there. 

Summary of Pisces and Virgo

This complicated relationship between two opposing signs brings both pain and joy necessary for growth.

At worst, they part ways and Virgo is fundamentally damaged by the ending. At best, their differences make each other more whole and add richness to their life experiences. 


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