A guide on the Pisces horoscope which is represented by the fish.

A Quick Introduction to Pisces

The last and final sign in the zodiac, Pisces, is the one that encompasses all the qualities of the signs before. This makes you very much a chameleon, able to shift and change with your surroundings and adapt to just about anyone.

You are a highly sensitive sign. You have the ability to pick up on the “vibes” around you, which makes you highly empathic. This also adds to your ability to blend with your environment.

This can be a wonderful skill or a debilitating problem, depending on whether you learn to use boundaries effectively or not.  

When you learn how to filter in the good – for example, tune into how people are feeling and respond by extending your compassion to help them – and block out the bad, you can turn your sensitivity into a superpower!

You need to be able to avoid taking on other’s feelings as your own in your attempt to empathize and put yourself in others’ shoes. Learning where you end and others begin is an important theme in your life. 

Another theme is your powerful spirituality. This can manifest as simply loving nature, being in tune with your intuition, or knowing what your spirit wants and needs.

You make a wonderful creative, and music is particularly something you can get lost in. You love the feeling of merging and leaving reality, and music is a perfect channel. It is much better than the potentially unhealthier habits you pick up when you don’t know how to find positive escapes.

A typical Pisces needs more breaks from reality than most. When you find the right ones, your spirit expands and grows. 

The Pisces Symbol 

Your symbol is the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, yet bound together.

This is a very important signal to your innate character. You often feel pulled in two directions and may find it difficult to make a firm decision in any direction.

You much prefer to have your options open and a “way out” of a suffocating situation. 

However, the catch is that you may find yourself sitting on the fence, never going in any direction, which may lead to inertia or a lack of action.

Learning to straddle two worlds whilst still committing to that which is important is key for you. 

The fishes also symbolise surrender and going with the flow, skills that your sign holds in abundance.

There’s no one quite like a Pisces for knowing to go with the rising or ebbing tide, which often helps you find yourself in the right situation at the exact right time. 

Element of Pisces

Pisces is of the water element, of course. Being linked to water makes you someone who absolutely loves the ocean or any body of water. Like a mermaid or a merman, you find your natural home in the sea.

Many Pisces make wonderful surfers or swimmers, and you benefit very much from having water anywhere in your home. 

On a more personal level, the water element gives you the qualities of empathy, sensitivity, softness, and a need to connect with others on a deeper level.

You may be more introverted than extraverted, and you feel it’s important to nurture your inner world regularly. Water people are generally quite spiritual, too, highly creative, and passionate.

You are moved easily to tears or with joy, though don’t do well in conflict or situations of great anger. Though your emotional nature can create drama in your life, you prefer to avoid it as much as possible. 

Ruling Planet of Pisces

Pisces has two ruling planets in astrology. The old, traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, the planet of abundance and of luck. This is much of the reason why you often find yourself very fortunate in life.

Jupiter also rules spirituality, which makes you a sign that most easily believes in all the things that are unseen and mysterious. Your faith is so powerful that it often brings you many benefits. 

The other planet that rules Pisces is Neptune, the modern ruler. Neptune is a very creative and compassionate planet. It is one that symbolises the “divine”, whatever your personal definition of god is. This is often the reason for yours being the most mystical sign.

However, Neptune also rules addiction and escapism, as well as deception. Therefore, it’s important for you to avoid straying into the world of drugs or alcohol, to seek an escape through co-dependent relationships, or developing unhealthy habits.  

Pisces Birthstone/s

The birthstone associated with your sign is the aquamarine. This is a stone that helps you connect to your powerful intuition and increases your wonderful creative gifts. It also helps you develop your spiritual side. 

Key Traits of a Pisces


The most beautiful thing about a Pisces is your sense of compassion and truly caring about mankind. Of all the signs, you are most able to access feelings of unconditional love and forgiveness, which is a rare quality in anyone!

People respond to your caring nature very positively, and you take great satisfaction in helping the world. Your creativity is also a powerful gift in life and usually manifests in the musical world, whether or not you use it professionally.

You have a finely tuned ear and may love to sing, dance, play instruments, and create unique sounds – and you often make a wonderful performer!

And finally, your imagination is a strength that makes you a brilliant storyteller and helps you to push beyond normal boundaries to create beauty in your life and everyone else’s. 


The greatest challenge in your life is your tendency to get addicted to things that are not good for you in order to try and numb your strong emotions or escape difficult feelings.

You may seek drugs, alcohol, relationships, or other things that help you to leave the world. Yet these things generally can and do become a great problem.

Learning to find better ways to cope with your feelings such as a good movie, a wonderful book, a walk in nature, a surf, making music or art, are much better ways to switch off.

Your other weakness is a tendency towards victimization. Because you are so helpful and caring, you may get taken advantage of and then end up blaming the other, even though it was your responsibility to set boundaries at first.

Learning to create these lines will help you feel much more in control and less resentful when challenges come up in life. 

Love & Sexuality for the Pisces

Your sign is one of the most loving and romantic in the zodiac, Pisces. You fall in love often, and no matter how many times you may have your heart broken, you’re never afraid to open it up again. This is one the loveliest qualities about you.

You trust quickly (sometimes too quickly), and you find it easy to be vulnerable with your partner.

Your open sweetness and innocence when it comes to love is a big reason why you often attract a protective partner who thrives on being able to care for you. This is often much better than you trying to do the same, as you may end up rescuing people that don’t deserve your love and affection.

Sexually, you are a sign that moves intuitively and passionately, and sex can feel sacred for you. You want to merge yourself – body, soul, and mind – to the person you are with, and you often achieve this. This makes you a rare and much-desired lover. 

Pisces Friends & Family

Change is something a Pisces is comfortable with and even seeks. This is why you may change friendships so often. Though you adore your friends and will do anything for them, you understand that things can be outgrown.

And even though you feel it emotionally, you move on and happily make new friends quite easily.

Your friends know you are always someone who will be there for them and will lend an empathetic ear to their problems, and you love a friend who will do the same. 

The greatest quality about your friendships as well as your family is your ability to forgive and truly forget.

No matter how many times someone crosses you, you find it easier to let it go than cling onto toxic feelings, though you may feel sorry for yourself for a while.

As long as you don’t become resentful and passive, your family and friends should enjoy a deep, yet non-suffocating relationship with you. 

Pisces Career & Money 

Career is not a big deal for most Pisceans, and there’s nothing you hate more than pressure. Usually, any hint of stress makes you quickly find a way out, as you become easily overwhelmed.

It’s ideal that you find a profession that allows for a great deal of flexibility as well as freedom, and that speaks to your heart. It may be something creative or spiritual, or something involved with helping others.

Many Pisces also find great careers in performance of some kind, and you could be very talented at photography. 

When it comes to money, you’re a sign that tends to not really want to deal with it unless you have to, and responsibility is not your strongest point.

However, your intuition often saves you in a tight spot, and you always find a way to land on your feet financially. 

Signs most compatible with Lady Pisces

They say that a female Pisces makes the ideal wife. Sweet, supportive and caring, you seldom try and eclipse your partner and happily allow them to take the stage.

You love being taken care of and even rescued, and you need a lot of romance in your relationships. A man who is a “manly man” really appeals to you, and the more solid and reliable he is, the better, as this makes you feel safe and secure.

It’s also very important to find a spiritual or creative partner who shares your love of nature and the ocean. 

A lady Pisces loves: 

  • A reliable Taurus
  • A powerful Leo 
  • A heroic Aries
  • A caring Cancerian 

Signs most compatible with the Male Pisces

You’re a more sensitive type, so generally women are very attracted to you. They love your spiritual side and how emotive you can be, though a woman who suffocates you with a need for commitment can make you feel trapped.

It’s essential that you feel free in your relationships, which makes it easier for you to stick around. Your ideal female needs to have a spiritual side, or at least be in touch with nature. 

You go well with: 

  • A sensual Taurus
  • A gentle Cancer
  • A romantic Libra
  • A warm Leo 

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