The compatibility of Sagittarius and	Capricorn Horoscopes

As with any pair of opposites, Sagittarius and Capricorn can be attracted at first sight or instantly repelled.

Whereas Capricorn is practical and premeditated, Sagittarius is extravagant and spontaneous. Capricorn is a highly internalized personality. Sag wears his/her thoughts and feelings on his sleeve.

Still, it is harder to get to know the archer’s true inner nature than most people think. There are many layers to Sagittarius, but don’t expect a hidden dark side or deep, brooding core. If you’re looking for that, revisit Scorpio on the astrological wheel.


Since Sag is a natural performer, people admire him for his winning combination of charm, goodwill, and generosity. His larger-than-life personality is a gift bestowed on him by Jupiter’s expansive nature. 

There is nothing jolly or happy-go-lucky about Capricorn, even when there are strong fire or air influences in his/her chart. The stern, restrictive nature of Saturn ensures that Cap learns her lessons young. Goats must overcome much personal hardship in order to be free from the physical or emotional restrictions imposed upon her in youth.

However, once a goat embraces his own happiness and stops limiting himself out of fear, he is very likely to be drawn to a Sagittarius-type personality. The relationship between these two can be an awakening of sorts for Cap and have a stabilizing influence on Sagittarius.



An aura of sunshine and good fortune surrounds Sagittarius. Whether he or she readily admits it, Capricorn is drawn to the archer’s buoyancy and lightness of heart. With Saturn’s heavy influence, the goat finds it all too easy to slip into a dark space when things aren’t going right (or sometimes even when they are).

The archer is like a beacon that draws Cap into the light and opens up the world to her. Although Capricorn comes after Sag on the zodiac wheel, Sag knows something that Capricorn still has to learn: In order to discover that magic is real, one has to take risks.

Sagittarius may sometimes accuse Capricorn of being a wet blanket and spoiling their adventures with pessimistic worries.

In turn, Cap may warn Sag against believing that happiness is a place on a map; for the Goat, happiness is something you build on your own from the raw materials of grit and determination. (For water signs, it’s something that comes from within, but Cap and Sag have to do a lot of work and living to do to come to that realization.) 

Their friendly debates will be a source of entertainment and exasperation to both of them, as well as for the people around them.



Sagittarius dives into a new relationship the same way he does everything else: head first. His joy of life and adventurous personality can be the catalyst for Capricorn’s sexual or emotional awakening and, she fears, her undoing.

Capricorns may seem naturally stoic, and in a sense their reserve is second nature to them. But they work hard all their lives to attain a feeling of emotional control over themselves. They see self-control and achievement as the ultimate goal in life. On the other hand, Sagittarius’s goal is to live life to the fullest – at any given moment.

Sagittarius wants to question every aspect of a lover’s existence, from their belief systems to the way they relate to others. The typical Capricorn is emotionally private and will become more rigid as Sag is increasingly intrusive. Still, the lure of letting one’s hair down is decidedly strong for pent-up Capricorns.

Cap often feels as if he/she is tied in a knot, and Sag wants to pull the string that will unravel her. Much to the goat’s dismay, the archer’s fresh-faced innocence and candor may catch even the stodgiest Capricorn off guard.

A word of advice for any Sag who has become infatuated with a guarded, sensitive goat: The sign of Capricorn was once symbolized by a sea goat. The goat’s fins were immersed in water, hinting at the deeply emotional core beneath Capricorn’s no-nonsense demeanor.

Capricorn is a serious, deeply sensitive individual who will not take kindly to being a flavor of the week on the tongue of some voracious Sagittarian.

Archers have an insatiable appetite for life, and they mean no harm when they indulge in a fling and then move on to the next. But if Cap is just a fling, don’t try to truly get to know him or her. Capricorn doesn’t trust easily, and when they do open up, it’s not easy for them to detach and move forward.



How can these two assimilate their differences in order to have a harmonious marriage or partnership? It involves a lot of give and take. If Sag lets Capricorn handle their finances and plan their trips, a huge weight might be taken off both their shoulders. Sagittarians may radiate gusto and act like they haven’t a care in the world, but secretly they hate planning as much as Capricorns love it.

The goat loves to impart wisdom, and Sag loves to pick this mysterious creature’s brain. Their first bonding point may have been their mutual intellect, and this connection usually remains strong throughout their relationship.

Both are incredibly intelligent and philosophical by nature. Sag is initially drawn to Capricorn’s innate sophistication. Cap is usually the consummate intellectual. Her refined artistic sensibilities and love of all things vintage are part of her intrigue.

 Reserved and content with his or her own company, Capricorn represents a challenge to Sag, whose energy feeds off interactions with others or the attention of an adoring crowd. Cap rarely needs the approval of others to know who she is and go after what she wants. This is because Capricorn was born knowing who he is. (Or was he?)

Sagittarius will always be questioning their identities, their existence, and what it means to be a human in the world. Capricorns also relate to the world on a philosophical level, which will please Sagittarius, but they like their own existence to be more solid and tangible.



Of all the gifts Jupiter bestowed upon the archer, tact and sensitivity were not among them. Most Sagittarians state their observations with blunt honesty and an almost childlike candor. They seem to genuinely not understand that people’s feelings can be hurt by the uncensored truth (or at least Sagittarius’s perception of the truth).

But Capricorn is more than able to hold his/her own in a friendly debate or serious argument. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, meaning that he or she is an action-oriented leader, not a follower. Goats are as independent-minded as archers. This is why they so often butt heads.

However, Sag is able to roll with the punches. His fiery nature means he may explode in a fit of temper, but since his is a mutable sign, he can forgive and forget with remarkable ease.

This is not the case with the goat. Capricorns have a deep inner sensitivity that they hide behind their dry, self-deprecating humor. And the only sign with a longer photographic memory than Capricorn is Taurus. If Cap was truly hurt by something his lover said, he will not only remember the date and exact time it was said, but the color of shirt she was wearing.

This can quickly frustrate Sagittarius, who doesn’t like to be weighed down by the past, ever looking toward the future. The archer would be wise to temper her bluntness and candor in order to save Capricorn’s feelings. After all, there are tactful, sensitive ways to approach important matters.

Luckily, Capricorns are sensible and don’t tend to exaggerate slights. They are practical enough to understand where their partner was coming from, and they generally don’t take things more personally than they should. Both goats and archers have a certain emotional toughness that adds resiliency to their interesting, if complicated, relationship.



Cap may not wear it on his/her sleeve, but her romantic nature is as much a throwback to some bygone era as the rest of her. The goat has the potential to bond for life, and devotion is a sacred emotion to her. However, Capricorn’s way of expressing love and lust is earthy and sensual.

Sagittarius is much less subtle, preferring fiery displays of abandon and grand romantic gestures. Sexually, they are often on different wavelengths. Yet they crave each other in an almost compulsory fashion. What one lacks, the other has in abundance. Their sexual bond can add both balance and variety to their lives.

If they aren’t deeply connected, this sexual relationship can start off hot and fizzle out over time. But if they really love each other, their basic differences only make them hungrier to discover the other person in full. In fact, because they are such opposites, they may have the feeling that it’s impossible to ever fully know the other.

But they never stop wanting to, and so fulfilling each other’s needs usually requires some sexual adjustment in the long run. Satisfaction requires more creativity and spontaneity on the part of Capricorn. Love asks Sagittarius to slow down and allow himself to be absorbed by the emotion between them, feeling rather than assessing his lover’s needs. Capricorn may need Sag to be more subtle and nurturing than usual.

Letting her hair down and taking a chance on love with such a free spirit can be a transformative experience for Capricorn. However, it means that she has to have an open mind and heart. If Sagittarius truly wants the goat, he or she will be patient. Capricorn has many layers to her personality, and it takes time and effort to get to know this man or woman.



  • Sagittarius opens up the world to Capricorn and helps him break through barriers that held him back from pursuing his own unique path to happiness.
  • Capricorn is a calm, stabilizing force in the archer’s life. Cap’s practical nature helps temper Sag’s existence, which tends to unfold in extremes.
  • Capricorn is independent enough to let Sag live out his own passions, even those separate from their relationship. Cap respects the archer’s free spirit as long as it doesn’t throw Cap’s own life out of order.


  • Capricorn’s pessimism and cautiousness may put a damper on mutable Sagittarius’s plans to see where the wind takes him in life.
  • If Sag’s moon or ascendant is not in an earth sign, he will spend money too frivolously for Capricorn’s taste, and this can cause problems in a marriage.
  • Their sexual relationship may need some adjusting to suit them both.

Summary of Sagittarius and Capricorn

If Capricorn doesn’t try to tamper Sagittarius’s free spirit, Sag can become a sort of good luck charm for the goat.

The archer radiates warmth. Thus, just being in his presence makes Capricorn feel as if the sun is shining on him. Capricorn will never become what anyone would call an optimist. However, the hopeful child within him will become enlivened by Sagittarius’ love and friendship.

There is a childlike joy that surrounds nearly every Sagittarius. If it is missing from his aura, this is a damaged Sagittarius, and there is no sadder sight to see than an archer whose buoyant spirits have been deflated.

However, most Sagittarians keep their childlike sense of wonder all their lives. And Capricorns tend to get younger in spirit as they get older. They slowly shed the baggage and restraints that held them back from their dreams in youth.

The older Capricorn is when they meet, the better the chances of their opposite qualities attracting; bonding them together instead of breaking them apart is also more likely here.


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