The compatibility of Sagittarius and Sagittarius Horoscopes


Like with any other same sun sign pairing, the positive and negative aspects of Sagittarius’s personality are intensified by a close association with another Sag.

Both are blessed with vivacity of character, a voracious appetite for life, and an expansive mentality that translates to a desire to explore the world. Although traveling together (and apart) is a favorite pastime of these free spirits, their explorations are not limited to the physical plane.

From the time of birth, they are on a quest for self-knowledge and universal truth. They are constantly exploring new philosophies, worldviews, and ways of thinking.



Archers are extroverts. Even the most introverted Sagittarian is open and talkative with those he or she feels comfortable with. At any given party, typical archers can be found working the room, stopping just long enough to make a lucky handful of people feel as if the charming archer came just to pick their brains or unabashedly admire their looks.

Sagittarians are legendary flirts, but that doesn’t make them easy to get close to. Still, they radiate such dazzling charm and goodwill that people gather in the glow of their warmth. In some ways, Sagittarians radiate a playful, childlike innocence all their lives. This, of course, only makes them more appealing all their lives.

Despite their fire element, archers relate intellectually before they do emotionally. That’s why so many of them make instant friends with each other. To put it bluntly, as Sagittarians prefer, it’s not hard to find each other in a crowded room. Archers are famous for their magnanimous personalities and out-sized generosity. However, they’re also famous for their tendency to candidly deliver harsh blows of truth as if the “hidden” discrepancies in people’s belief systems and personalities was common knowledge.

After delivering one of these blunt observations, Sagittarius will just stand there grinning his slap-happy grin. They do so as if the person in front of him is not trembling with tears or, more likely, has a desire to take his own shot at the freewheeling archer, piercing him right in his inflated ego and watching all the hot air go out of him.

But the truth is, Sagittarius’s ego has very little to do with his blunt candor. Sagittarians value truthfulness at all costs. They are just as brutally honest with themselves as they are with others. Anyway, these buoyant, mutable people figure others can take it in stride as easily as they do. Blessed by Jupiter with an expansive sense of their own luck and good fortune, Sagittarians believe there is something to be gained from every loss. The only place to go is forward.

Remember that this is a mutable sign, so they get over even their fiercest debates and disagreements with the same haste as they tackle new projects together.



Sagittarius is a mutable sign, and archers are intellectually oriented. However, let’s not forget about the fire element of their sun sign. In a disagreement, they can aim their bows with uncanny precision in the heat of their anger and shoot their arrows straight into the heart of the one they love (or hate, in the moment).

When Sagittarians get truly emotional, it’s a thin line. If one or both have a more even-keeled moon sign, such as Capricorn, this can temper the blazing fires of their passion and anger. If one or both have a more docile moon sign, which lends itself to harmony, such as Pisces, this is even better. Then the flames might be melted into tenderness, their anger tamed by a desire to meld rather than individuate. But if there is a strong Aries, Leo, or Scorpio energy in one or both of their charts, they could come to emotional blows quite often. If there’s one thing these abundant people lack, it’s a filter.

Luckily (and luck is often on their side) Sagittarians are mutable people, which means they adjust well to change, are resilient, and move on quickly from old hurts. With their mutual optimism and intellectual curiosity, their capacity for healing and renewal between is awe-inspiring.

After all, Sagittarians are larger than life. In their view, neither their relationship nor their own singular existence is the beginning of the end of the world. Instead of staying home and picking at old wounds, they would rather put their personal woes aside and submerge themselves in the utter expansiveness of the universe.

As far as they believe, they were put on this earth to live life to the fullest, to explore other cultures and lifestyles, and to find a deeper spiritual (or at least intellectual) meaning of life. And since they find kindred spirits in each other, they usually would rather do it together than alone.



A relationship between two archers bodes well for marriage. This iswhy: They’re both passionate, freedom-loving, fiery, and remote all at the same time. This may sound like a paradox, but it makes its own kind of quirky sense to them. Some of the Sagittarian fierceness translates to a grand romantic nature and desire for a coupling that is even bigger than they are as individuals. When they fall in love, they find this in each other.

But another part of their fierceness translates to fiery independence. Sagittarians are individuals before they are part of a pairing. Of course this is true for all of us, but some signs (especially water signs) are more partnership-oriented by nature.

It is vital for Sagittarians to be free to pursue their journey through this world on their own in some aspects. And this is true even when they’re in a happy, committed partnership. Fortunately, both Sag partners usually feel the same way. They give each other the freedom to pursue their own interests, passions, and intellectual quests.  Sagittarians value honesty so intensely that they usually trust each other to be true and to be emotionally truthful about it if they were to fall out of love. This is true no matter how painful the admission would be.

When it comes to money, these two are seriously at risk of losing everything solid they build on a risky investment or other impulse that truly seems “worth it” at the time. They’re often advised to temper their extravagance, but that mentality goes against the very grain of their natures. Their expansiveness needs to be fed, or they will grow so bored and despondent that they make an even more foolish decision than they might have before.

The best advice for them is to indulge in moderation, even if “moderation” looks a bit different to you than it does to other couples. Agreeing to always keep a certain amount in a savings account (or in separate savings accounts) goes a long way toward keeping life both stable and fun.



Sagittarians can be impulsive, and their blunt honesty can even border on cruelty in a heated moment. Still, their intentions are hardly ever malicious. In some ways, Sagittarians have the quixotic candor of a child all their lives. Their hearts are as big and pure as if they’ve never been hurt in adulthood. If one Sag delivers a harsh blow and the other begins to cry, the offending archer will usually become sympathetic.

Speaking of receptivity, there is nothing like the warmth of a Sagittarian’s embrace to lift your spirits after a fight a bad day, or even a troubling medical diagnosis, for that matter. The truly magical thing about Sagittarian optimism is that it doesn’t stem from a childlike inability to emotionally process painful situations. (Sometimes Gemini’s optimistic side does stem from this.)

Sagittarius genuinely radiates the goodwill and good fortune that is his birthright. He can sit with someone else’s pain without making it his own or letting it carry them both down into the dumps.

When both partners have this ability, the communication between two Sagittarians can be more harmonious than one might expect. This is especially true when they observe them practically teasing each other with harsh truths during one of their legendary arguments.



Because they are so similar and expressive, it’s rarely difficult or complicated for them to fulfill each other sexually. They are both prone to dramatic displays of affection and grand romantic gestures that would make a Harlequin romance novelist blush. In sexuality, their expression is pure as the flow of streams into the ocean.

Perhaps the most gratifying part of their intimate relationship is that they don’t hold back from each other. Their sexual union is all-encompassing. Even when neither of them feels like engaging in a fiery show of surrender, their sex life is never boring.

They candidly express any desire that blips on the radar of their creative minds. And they’re as open-minded and expansive in bed as they are in every other area of life. Coupled with their intellectual hunger, their fiery self-expression makes for an active, energetic sex life, often late into old age.



  • Their optimism is well-matched. For Sagittarians, tomorrow really is “always a new day”.
  • Two archers are not likely to grow bored with each other or get stuck in a rut. Their mutable energy and insatiable curiosity means there are always new places to see, new concepts to explore, and creative new ways to problem-solve together.
  • They don’t hold back from each other. They’re as expressive of their love as they are their anger. Luckily, their anger tends to burn out quickly, whereas their love and affection lasts.


  • Neither of them are particularly sensitive, at least not on the outside. They may not know how to convey criticism in a way that is nurturing rather than just plain, well, critical.
  • Sagittarians are seriously prone to overspending and making impulsive decisions. If neither of them has a strong earth or water influence in their charts, they may have trouble maintaining a stable lifestyle.
  • They both love to meet new people and have a genuine curiosity about them. If this translates to too much flirtatiousness or if lines get crossed, it can seriously damage their relationship.

Summary of Sagittarius and Sagittarius

When two such awesome forces of nature come together, there is always the very real potential that they will have a profound impact on both each other and the world around them.

Individually, Sagittarians usually have enough independence and positivity that such a close, intense relationship with another person doesn’t become co-dependent. Remember that co-dependency is an act of withdrawal from the world. Sharing one’s life and heart with another, like-minded person whose needs do not compromise our individuality translates to real power.

And this may well be a power couple. An archer’s goodwill, bravery, expansive mind, and humanitarianism is a potent combination. Add another person with all of those qualities, and their individual characteristics become magnified.

When they put their minds together, think how much work could be done for the greater good of their families, friends, and the world around them. Sagittarians like to help people en masse. They can often be found working tirelessly for the freedom of other, less fortunate people.

This sun sign combination is ripe to bursting with potential. The most hopeful aspect is that Sagittarians are rarely afraid to fully realize their potential. As the first of the “universal” signs who feel connected to a deeper meaning in the universe, their self-actualization is directly related to their impact on the world around them.


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