A guide on the Sagittarius horoscope which is represented by the Archer.

A Quick Introduction to Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign that most people want to be. So, consider yourself fortunate indeed that you were born under this free-spirited, optimistic, and expansive energy.

Sagittarius is always positive – no matter what goes wrong, you always look on the bright side and have your chin up.

This serves as an inspiration to everyone around you, and your happy-go-lucky enthusiasm is wonderfully contagious.

Being a mutable sign, you love change and will go out of your way to seek new experiences. You hate to sit still, and your worst fear is not growing in life.

The new experiences you seek serve as a container for personal expansion. No matter how old you are, you’ll always feel like you have something new to learn.

Your open spirit allows you to soak in knowledge as well as spread it around, making you a natural teacher. You take a philosophical approach to learning, teaching, and life in general. This forms part and parcel of your optimistic spirit. 

Being so free can be seen as fickle by some, as you seldom commit to anything. This is especially true if that thing – be it a person or a job – makes you feel trapped in any way or shackled down.

You need to feel completely independent to go wherever you please in order for you to even think long-term. However, those who love you will be happy to give you the freedom you need and feel lucky to join in the ride.

Speaking of luck, your sign is the most fortunate in the zodiac. You always land on your feet. There is an air of protection around you, which makes many of you great gamblers – if not in a casino, then in life in general.

You take chances, knowing that you’ll probably succeed. Even if you don’t, you have that famous philosophical positivity that something better always comes along – which it does! 

The Sagittarius Symbol 

The symbol for your sign is the centaur or the archer. You are the classical half man and half horse, aiming your arrows up to the sky. Yours is a mysterious symbol with many-layered meanings.

The bow and arrow are your weapons of truth and wisdom, directing others to raise their consciousness to the “bigger picture”, to aim for a higher truth, which your sign is known to value very deeply indeed.

You are also seen as a soldier of sorts, someone who fights for the underdog and frees humanity form the shackles of unconsciousness. This is the centaur part of your symbol, and your arrows of wisdom indicate the bridge between heaven and earth as a gift to mankind. 

Having so much rich mythology around your symbol shows that you have a mission in life. This mission is one of healing the world and bringing your philosophies to the globe while also fighting for them.

This certainly is shown in your spirit. You never back down from a conflict and are happy to defend your beliefs, sometimes even needing to tone it down just a little. 

Element of Sagittarius

Of course, your element is fire, and the type of fire that represents you is a kind of wild fire. You scatter your passion and enthusiasm around, planting as many seeds as possible. You always have multiple creative projects happening all at once.

As soon as your passion is satisfied in one area, you may move onto the next, especially if there is no longer any more room for growth. 

Being a fire sign, you can be very direct, honest, and open with others, sometimes to the point of being rather tactless. You see no point in the game playing and manipulations of others, and you despise dishonesty.

You’ll “fire” off when you see any hint of this. Your temper may be one thing that needs a bit of taming.

Generally speaking, however, your warmth and bubbly energy more than makes up for those hot-headed, foot-in-mouth moments. Like others of your element, you forgive and forget quickly. 

Ruling Planet of Sagittarius

The reason why you are so lucky, Sagittarius, is because you are ruled by the most Benefic (meaning, the most helpful) planet in the zodiac – Jupiter. Jupiter is, in Greek mythology, linked to the mighty god Zeus. It is depicted as just, fair, and wise.

These are all qualities you strive for, and you have a “larger than life” energy, finding yourself in positions of leadership quite often. 

Jupiter also bestows a sense of guru-hood. In plain speak, that means someone who is a revered teacher. However, it’s more of a spiritual type of energy, and so your sign is often one that seeks spiritual truths and then shares them.

Whether that’s through studying astrology, yoga, or some other system, you will feel a strong pull towards the mystical world. However, you do have a fine nose for truth and won’t easily be fooled by charlatans.

Jupiter can also be rather execessive at its worst. This can translate as a love of partying, overeating, or simply going too far at times. Learning to tame yourself is an important lesson you’ll find yourself learning in life. 

Sagittarius Birthstone/s

The most common stone associated with your sign is the beautiful turquoise. This stone helps you access your innate wisdom and get in touch with your inner truth, communicating it to the world in a calm, clear way. 

Key Traits of a Sagittarius


The most wonderful strength you possess, Sagittarius, is your optimism. Life gets hard, as it does for everyone, but somehow you manage to always extract the lesson from the hardship and grow from it.

This philosophical and positive approach keeps you in a place of happiness for much of your life, guarding you against depression and anxiety.

Your other great strength is your wisdom. This come naturally to you, and although you may not always be aware of it, others look to you for guidance at times.

When combined with this optimism, you make a jolly teacher indeed. And finally, one of the most wonderful gifts you have is your honesty. Even if you step on some toes at times, people always know where they stand with you. Your sense of truthfulness always helps you to find your way in life. 


The most problematic challenge you have, Sagittarius, is your issue with commitment. Being so seeking of growth and expansion, you often leave things and people that are, in fact, very good for you behind.

Often, these people may be hurt by your seeming lack of care. It’s very important that you try and make commitments to the important things, so that you don’t live life in a fickle way.

Your other weakness can be your tendency towards self-righteousness. Because you possess so much wisdom and are often right, you may push a point of view on others who may not be ready for it or who need time to develop their own beliefs.

Also, you’ll need to work on your sense of tact. As wonderfully honest as you are, you may lack compassion and hurt those who are more tender than you, more sensitive, or more easily inclined to depressive feelings.  

Love & Sexuality for the Sagittarius

When it comes to love, Sagittarius, your most important ingredients for a happy relationship are honesty, independence, passion, and fun.

Your ideal lover has to be at least two of these qualities for you to feel completely happy and fulfilled.

They may also need to love traveling – a huge passion of yours – studying, some kind of spiritual practice, or even athletics, which is also a passion of yours.

Most of all, they need to not be clingy or too emotional. They also need to be able to withstand your bullets of truth and not fall apart when your temper gets the better of you.

And, of course, passion is a must, both physically and otherwise. Sex needs to be fun and playful, and you look for a partner who is willing to be adventurous and open to new things.

Sex may even be a spiritual experience for you, though not heavily emotional. You usually have a very strong libido, and spontaneous sexual encounters are exactly what you thrive on! 

Sagittarius Friends & Family

Your sign often has many wonderful friends. However, like your partners, they have to be able to not react sensitively to your sometimes-tactless honesty.

If they really value you, they will also value the openness with which you live life and handle your friendships. They’ll appreciate always knowing where they stand with you.

You need the same honesty in return. Thus, a friend who lies to you in any way is not someone you will invest much more of your energy in. 

The same goes for family. You’re not the type to cling to the family unit, and they probably also know to be honest with you, as you are with them.

They’re also probably used to your constant travelling, and it’s likely you left home early to seek your fortune.

You tend to take family dramas in stride and don’t buy into them too much. Your positive energy doesn’t allow for too many tears spilt.

Sagittarius Career & Money 

As long as you have freedom and autonomy in your career, Sagittarius, you are happy.

Many of you end up incorporating your love of travel into your professions, so a career as a travel agent, touring artist, or writer are often right up your alley.

You also love the outdoors and animals, so working in the athletics field or with horses, for example, appeal to you enormously.

Financially, you prefer experiences to “things”. You’ll happily spend a fortune on travelling, though never fuss about how big or grand your house is or the labels on your clothing.

You may overextend yourself and go into debt from time to time, as you may have to learn just a touch of financial discipline. 

Signs most compatible with Lady Sagittarius

As a lady Sagittarius, you are a free spirit. You need a man who doesn’t bat an eye if you decide to go backpacking around South America.

You simply despise clinginess and jealousy and will not be around long with a man who thinks they own you. Also, you need someone fun-loving, positive, honest, and who is open to the spiritual world. 

Your sign goes best with: 

  • A charming Gemini
  • An independent Aries
  • A fun-loving Aquarius 
  • A passionate Leo 

Signs most compatible with the Male Sagittarius

The woman you choose has to be very strong indeed. She needs to be highly independent and not too emotional or clingy, as you will not be able to commit, feeling trapped and encumbered.

You will need a woman who is passionate and adventurous, who is able to feel secure on her own and not allow your straightforwardness to hurt her feelings. 

Your sign is best matched with: 

  • An independent Aquarius 
  • A fun-loving Libra
  • A strong Aries
  • An easy-going Gemini   

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