The compatibility of Scorpio and Capricorn Horoscopes


There is a special emotional/spiritual affinity between many Scorpios and Capricorns. Originally symbolized by the sea goat with a tail submerged in water, Capricorn is often a misunderstood character.

Saturn’s influence imbues goats with a towering inner strength that seems almost superhuman to others. This immediately earns Scorpio’s rapt intrigue and respect.

Unlike Aries or Leo, Capricorn’s strength is not always outwardly apparent. Rather, it’s a quiet, active faith that endures hardship to get to the top of whatever proverbial mountain he or she chooses to climb. Both Capricorns and Scorpios are intensely ambitious. Both are always working hard to reach a goal.



Although it may not appear so on the surface, Scorpios and Capricorns are kindred souls. Cautious, reserved, and possessed of a quiet, indomitable strength, they immediately respect each other.

Neither the scorpion nor the goat is quick to open up emotionally. In fact, Caps may emotionally elude most people for their whole lives, including themselves. The typical scorpion, however, lives in his emotional depth. He is guided through life by his uncanny instincts. These instincts serve as a direct channel to his strong emotions.

Capricorn is guided through life by logic and reason, sometimes missing the heart of matters. Because Scorpio represents fixed emotion, he has enough devotion and loyalty to make Capricorn feel safe to open up emotionally. In this way, a friendship with Scorpio helps Capricorn grow into someone more able to trust and be guided by his own instincts.



Scorpio touches Capricorn in a way that few other signs can. Generally speaking, this bond forms and solidifies more quickly than any other Capricorn love combination. Ruled by Pluto, the planet that governs the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, Scorpio is also no stranger to hardship – nor is he a stranger to resilience.

However, while Capricorn detaches from her emotional core, Scorpio lives in his. Cap is guided by his/her practical nature, and Scorpio is guided by instincts.

Scorpio is also psychically connected to the unseen forces of life. On the other hand, earth sign Capricorn has trouble believing what he can’t perceive with the five senses. If anyone is going to teach Capricorn about metaphysics, it will be Scorpio. And because they are both universal signs, they relate to life from a philosophical, holistic standpoint. Therefore, they are likely to be intellectually and spiritually aligned.

There is a beautiful irony in this relationship. Neither Caps nor Scorpios abandon themselves to a lover with ease, but there is nonetheless an element of surrender here. Much of it stems for Scorpio’s empathic, instinctual understanding of Capricorn’s inner (emotional) self.

The trust that builds them over time is potentially transformative for both of them. Neither are likely to squander it on a fleeting fascination outside the relationship. Both take commitment seriously. And aside from that, Scorpio takes his own sexual and emotional fulfillment, and that of others, too seriously to stay in a relationship when he has fallen in love with someone new.



Giving trust and surrendering to love is no small feat for these two. However, doing these things may come more easily with each other. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio has the power to open up Capricorn’s emotional core, releasing long-buried emotions. Expressing who he or she is is never easy for Capricorn.

But as a fixed sign, Scorpio is capable of the kind of devotion, patience, and gentle determination that eventually breaks the dam around the goat’s emotional self. This kind of bonding can be very healthy and transformative for Capricorn, who has been restricted by Saturn’s hard-driving influence for so very long.

When it comes to money, Capricorns and Scorpios are typically like-minded. Ruled by feminine negative night forces, both signs have a healthy fatalistic streak that keeps them from spending too carelessly. In fact, these two rarely do anything too carelessly.



For two personalities with such complicated modes of expression, these two communicate surprisingly well – at least, with each other. Underneath all other aspects of their relationship, they are friends who share an uncanny emotional understanding from the start. However, their emotional makeups can be very different.

A recurring theme might be that Capricorn closes himself/herself off emotionally, especially when stressed. Rather than cry out like a child or stomp her feet the way Aries might do, Scorpio will usually repress her loneliness when this happens. It may come out later in an act of revenge. Although the more Scorpio loves and respects his/her partner, the pettier (and less serious) such acts typically are.

Still, Scorpio can be emotionally manipulative and supremely hurtful when hurt. His Pluto/Mars energy pierces straight to the core of any person or subject. (Capricorns: Scorpio knows everyone’s insecurities, even yours – perhaps especially yours.)

Also, although Caps can be emotionally guarded, they’re not intentionally secretive. In fact, most think of themselves as the epitome of straightforwardness. It’s true that they lack guile when they communicate, and they dislike beating around the bush when you can tackle the issue head-on. (Scorpios, you can thank their cardinal status for this one.)

Capricorns, as we know, do not take well to being emotionally toyed with (i.e., being made to feel weak or vulnerable). The real danger with Scorpio and Capricorn is that they are prone to suffering silently.

Usually it’s something they learned to do early in life and a habit they must unlearn if they want a healthy, satisfying intimate relationship in the future. Expressing feelings when they happen is a good idea for them. Spontaneous self-expression is, too.



An intimate relationship with a Scorpio can be a liberating experience for Capricorn. Sex is Scorpio’s domain for self-expression and connection. Although Capricorns are some of the most physically driven and kinkiest sexual characters in the zodiac, it usually takes some coaxing to get them to open up in bed.

But Scorpios, known for the legacy of their lovemaking and kink, are powerfully magnetizing sexual characters. Not only does Scorpio radiate a quiet, smoldering intensity, but he/she is capable of a blended ardor and long-term devotion that frees even the straightest-laced goat’s inhibitions.

Scorpio’s intoxicating combination of strength and vulnerability puts Capricorn at ease, while exciting him/her at the same time. Scorpios have a way of rousing the deepest-churning desires of their lovers, giving words and physical life to such latent desires.

If the relationship between Capricorn and Scorpio is a deeply romantic one, Scorpio will deliver a holistic sexual experience. Capable of a complete love and empathy, Scorpios naturally close the emotional distance between themselves and a lover with sex. They merge completely with their partner, making sex a transcendental experience.

For many Capricorns and Scorpios, who are plagued by moods that make Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven seem lighthearted in comparison, sex is a way to unwind and emotionally recharge.



  • Scorpio’s fixed emotional nature makes Capricorn feel safe to open up emotionally over time.
  • Cautious by nature, Scorpio doesn’t push Capricorn to move more quickly in life or love than the plodding goat feels comfortable.
  • They are both loyal, devoted, and deeply committed in friendships and romantic relationships.


  • Both Caps and Scorpios are prone to extreme bouts of depression. This relationship may be loaded with emotional meaning, but it can lack the kind of lightheartedness and brevity that makes partnerships resilient.
  • Goats are straightforward and have very little patience for indirect, manipulative forms of communication. They especially loathe passive aggression, which Scorpio has in spades.
  • ·Scorpio may need Capricorn to be more emotionally and sexually expressive than many goats naturally are.

Summary of Scorpio and Capricorn

The pain of the past often brings them together on some unconscious level. Because Scorpio is powerfully associated with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, he represents regeneration to Capricorn on an emotional level, as well as perhaps many other levels.

Despite the marked differences in their emotional makeups, there is a powerful empathy that exists between Scorpios and Capricorns. Scorpio’s tendency toward excess and emotional extremes is tempered by Capricorn’s self-restraint and calm, take-charge approach to problem-solving.

In turn, Capricorn feels freed emotionally by Scorpio’s ability to strip her of her considerable inhibitions.


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