The compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius Horoscopes

Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means that change doesn’t come easily to him/her. Sagittarius is mutable, meaning he/she has a flexible and adjustable nature.

When these two initially appeal to each other, it’s probably not because they seem to have a lot in common.

In fact, it may be just the opposite force that draws them together – an unconscious need to learn and grow from the other in order to become more whole as individuals.


It’s undeniable that the lessons Sag teaches Scorpio will not always make for pleasant learning. Cautious, internalized Scorpio often avoids giving himself the freedom to take risks in life and love.

To be fair, this is because his emotional depth is astounding. From an early age, he is karmically aware of a critical truth. The more he opens up, the more deeply he/she can be broken by loss. What Scorpio doesn’t realize is that Sagittarius shares this cosmic awareness, though not with the same immediacy.

Although many souls experience different signs out of order for their own unique evolution, most Sagittarians have already experienced a Scorpio lifetime at least once.



Scorpios of both sexes tend to be brooding and mysterious. Unlike Sagittarius, who is gregarious and frank about his many opinions, Scorpio holds back. Scorpions are reserved about sharing thoughts and feelings before getting to know someone.

No matter how much the curious archer probes, questions, and charms answers out of Scorpio, he just can’t seem to pin this mysterious creature down. Even when they do get to know each other, there is almost always a part of himself that Scorpio holds back. That is, unless he/she is in bed with someone she considers a true soulmate. But that’s another story.

The good news is that Sagittarius has a tough shell. When their bluntness, (which borders upon being rude in Scorpio’s estimation) freezes Scorpios into cold silences, archers see it as a welcome challenge. Breaking barriers and transcending limits is what Sagittarius lives for.

Imbued with Jupiter’s expansive nature, the archer is a larger-than-life character with enough romance to lure even the quietest Scorpio out of her shell and into her wild side. Once Sag gains Scorpio’s trust (if they can), these two can embark on many multi-faceted adventures together.



Speaking of adventures, if this relationship gets off the ground, it will probably play out rather intensely; it will be like one long journey into another dimension, where they each explore parts of themselves and the world they never knew existed. Whether consciously or unconsciously, Sagittarius is instinctively intrigued by Scorpio at first sight.

As the first sign of the final quadrant of the zodiac, the philosophical archer is also the first sign considered to be “universal”. Universal signs are not primarily focused on themselves, nor do they want to be limited to their own experience as their basis for understanding life.

Sagittarius is concerned with higher vision and learning, the metaphysical world, and transcending what can be perceived with the five senses alone. Scorpio is governed by Pluto, the planet that represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Still, their personal differences are many. Trust is one of the main hurdles they face in an intimate relationship. Sagittarius is an outgoing character who finds something intriguing in just about everyone they meet.

There is nothing Sag loves more than spreading himself around (his thoughts, ideas, and contagious cheer, that is). When most archers fall in love, a little charm and flirtation is usually where it ends, because Scorpio will end it.

If Scorpio were to just let his/her archer know she is hurt by even harmless flirtations on the part of a lover, all might end well. Sagittarius appreciates transparency and straightforwardness. She will do her best to correct the behavior, or at least make amends for it with an extravagant gift and fiery show of surrender.

Too bad Scorpio is neither transparent nor straightforward. No, Scorpio jealousy is much more likely to fester inwardly until, one day, a perfect opportunity for revenge arises.

For example, a wounded female Scorpio lover might decide that the night of her lover’s big business dinner is exactly the right time to visit an old friend’s art gallery – a male friend’s gallery, she might add on her way out the door, planting an airy kiss on his cheek.



If they can iron out their personal differences with honest communication, their life together can very passionate and multi-dimensional. It will certainly never be boring – at least, not as long as their love stays alive. (When these two fall out of love, it will be apparent right away in Sagittarius’s late night trips to God-knows-where and day trips to the Quickie Mart to talk to just about anyone but Scorpio.)

It will also be apparent by Scorpio’s total withdrawal. However, emotional fulfillment in love is so important to Scorpions that many of them will break off a relationship before wasting many years. Let’s talk about a happy marriage in which they are both deeply in love, though.

There are some interesting forces at work here. Because of Pluto’s rulership, Scorpio often experiences the depth of hardship. This is a living death of sorts that may even take the form of a serious illness, severe childhood trauma, or loss from which he must be reborn as a more spiritual individual. Influenced by feminine negative night forces, Scorpios are cautious and even fatalistic at times.

For this reason, Scorpio may believe himself to be much wiser than happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, who seems to radiate sunny optimism. In fact, the archer often appears to be blown up like a helium balloon with optimism, floating off into the sunset. 

Intriguingly, Scorpio may actually have more to learn from Sagittarius than the other way around. Astrologically, Sagittarius has already emerged from the depth of the Scorpio life experience and come out on the other side, infused with the knowledge that the soul is resilient and lives forever. And there is so much to explore outside of oneself.

Last but not least, money can be an issue of contention between them. Sagittarius is an extravagant person who can spend money faster than Scorpio can stow it away. A piece of advice for them is to keep finances as separate as possible, even in marriage.



Most of their communication issues lie in the differences in their basic natures. Sagittarius is typically an extrovert who likes to feel continuously engaged with both her partner and the world. Of course, Scorpio also likes to be deeply connected to his/her partner and the world. However, this means something totally different to them.

For the archer, it usually means lots of conversation, travel, and parties to attend together, and sometimes apart. For Scorpio, who lives inside his emotional core, it means lots of time alone to recharge and lovemaking sessions in which they merge into total oneness. (This revitalizes the Scorpio spirit even more than quiet nights at home watching occult documentaries.) You can see where the problems might begin.

However, their intellectual connection is usually powerful, and they share a pronounced interest in psychology. (Again, things are unlikely to get boring.) However, they need to be aware of their communication patterns. Emotional communication can really suffer between these two if they don’t work at it.

As we know, Sagittarius is outspoken and honest almost to a fault (although they typically see no fault in their honesty or honesty as a virtue, period). Scorpios, however, tend to hold their feelings inside until they fester into jealous or even vengeful behavior, ranging from petty to serious, depending on the person, relationship, and nature of offense.

Sagittarius’s warmth is as open and welcoming as can be, which can thaw Scorpio’s blood in an instant if there is a healthy trust between them. If not, they can forget about reconnecting through conflict.

The good news is that if Scorpio puts her trust in the archer, she is usually well-rewarded, as he values honesty over everything. Sag can be a touch distant and cerebral for Scorpio, who prefers to experience total oneness with a partner in their emotional and sexual intimacy. But the archer is also kind, loving, and romantically express enough to keep Scorpio feeling both safe and connected.



Sag’s sexual nature isn’t as immersive and emotional as Scorpio’s. Of all the fire signs, Sagittarius is the most emotionally distant. Still, what he lacks in intensity, he makes up for with romance, imagination, and fiery displays of surrender that are deeply satisfying to Scorpio.

Here is an area of life where Sagittarius’s open, expressive honesty appeals greatly to a Scorpio lover; it translates to a kind of purity that makes Scorpio feel as if her lover truly belongs to her. When well loved, Scorpio has a way of holding a lover like the world in his arms. At these times, there will be no emotional distance between them – just a complete love and empathy in which they merge into one.

Both of these signs can be extremely kinky and imaginative in bed. For Scorpio, sexuality is the most powerful mode of mental and emotional expression. A highly intellectualized character who loves to discover new ways to enjoy himself and a lover, Sagittarius arouses Scorpio’s passion. Sagittarius also shows sincere interest in a lover. This is exciting to Scorpio, whose secrets he relishes as he uncovers them.

The archer has an adventurous nature. This means that she’ll enthusiastically ride the wave of Scorpio’s emotional current; and this current ranges from tender to explosive to consuming.



  • A sunny, extroverted Sagittarius can help pull Scorpio out of himself and open him up to his many-splendored world.
  • Because Scorpio lives life in her emotional core, and Sag lives life on the brink of adventure, their time together will be interesting and multi-faceted.
  • They are both generally true to themselves and others where it counts. Also, they are unlikely to lead each other on for a long period of time if both their hearts are not in it.


  • Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning that he holds onto emotions, beliefs, and circumstances for long periods of time. Sagittarians are mutable and prone to change, which may initially make Scorpios doubt their strength of character.
  • Sagittarius is a true free spirit and can feel confined by Scorpio’s controlling jealousy. Scorpio will need to let go of the reigns at least a little, but Sag will also need to prove himself more than worthy of her trust.
  • Money can be a real issue between them. Sag spends it faster than Scorpio can save it.

Summary of Scorpio and Sagittarius

It’s true that the occasional happy-go-lucky Sag might get more than he bargains for when he finally catches Scorpio in the heat of his flame. The same is true for female archers; they are more about the catch than nurturing the prize, which turns out to be quite a complicated person.

Even some Sagittarian friends may find their Scorpio companions a bit too heavy for their mutable existence. But that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Most scorpions and archers realize early on that they have a lot to learn from each other. Exploring each other’s very different worlds is exciting. An association between these two has the potential to yield major growth.

Although cautious and discriminating by nature, most Scorpios could use a friend or lover who will lighten their considerable load. Sagittarius teaches lessons of freedom, optimism, and the value of taking risks in love and life.


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