The compatibility of Scorpio and Scorpio Horoscopes


Scorpio pairings have the potential to engage in the most complete kind of relationship that exists between two people.

No matter what the association between them, this relationship usually contains either latent or earth-shattering power. Its impact is potentially transformative and can be awe-inspiring or destructive.

Just as every Scorpio must learn to harness his own inner power and use it in ways that benefit himself and those around him, every Scorpio pairing must learn to do the same in terms of their relationship.



Scorpios are kindred souls; their spirits recognize each other almost instantly, even when they don’t. Scorpios are complicated individuals who frequently feel isolated in their lives. Imagine living inside your emotional core, yet keeping it almost completely concealed all of the time.

That’s how many Scorpios feel until they meet each other. Like Scorpio lovers, Scorpio friends often serve as mirrors to one another; one cannot look for too long at the other without seeing her deepest self reflected back.

Friendships between two Scorpios can be powerful emotional outlets. Neither of them take trust or relationships lightly, so they don’t have to worry about divulging their secret selves and lives or what have you only to discover that their close confidante ran off with the wind, scattering their secrets along the way.

That’s quite literally a Scorpios worst nightmare (or one of them, at least). Scorpios could spend entire years divulging their worst nightmares to each other, and often to.

Thanks to Pluto’s influence, every Scorpio has an intrinsic connection to the darker, unseen forces in life. For this reason, Scorpions aren’t exactly sunny optimists…nor should they try to be. But their intimate friendships and relationships are vital means of expression and bonding for them.

So when they find a kindred soul who supports them emotionally, it adds a beautiful dimension of happiness to their lives. It maybe does not lend itself to optimism, per se, but it certainly opens up a world of possibilities and outcomes, many of them which are lovely and positive.



It would be an absurd euphemism to say that it’s not easy for a Scorpio to maintain some semblance of inner balance while assimilating in an intimate relationship with another Scorpio (who is also trying to maintain his own semblance of inner balance).

If you’re exhausted just from reading this, just think of how the Scorpios feel! To an extent, Scorpios are not meant to be balanced creatures. Ruled by Pluto, the planet which represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, Scorpios are destined to live their lives in extremes.

This need not translate to Scorpio’s everyday lifestyle, although it sometimes does. Scorpios crave excitement and depth of experience. They abhor any routine that drains the live and vitality out of their authentic existence.

Scorpios are naturally suspicious people. They have an innate knowledge that most people and situations are not what they seem at first glance. For this reason (and another crucial one I’ll touch on in a moment) most Scorpios proceed with caution in life, especially when it comes to relationships.

This is not because they are naturally distant people – quite the opposite is true. Scorpios live inside their emotional cores. They almost constantly have a clear channel into their feelings, which drives many of them toward addictive or escapist behaviors, especially early on in life. When Scorpios are in this stage, they are emotionally a danger to themselves and intimate partners.

Still, it cannot be overlooked that Scorpios have within them the capacity to love wholly and deeply. When they open up, it is from the core. Thus, when they are broken, it is often too deeply to repair in the space of many years.

That’s why Scorpios don’t like to open up too quickly. They always seem to be holding a part of themselves back, except with each other. One cannot look into the other’s eyes without seeing the deepest, hidden parts of himself.

For this reason, they often fall into a whirlwind romance. As whimsical as it may be, it is not some flighty trip over the moon, but a deeply affecting, resonant experience.

It is all-encompassing and it is all-or-nothing. They love or they hate; there is no middle ground, and there is usually no chance to remain friends if it ends (or at least not for a long, long time). The key is trust, which happens only over time, even in instances when the love builds much more quickly.



Once Scorpio lovers trust, they share a complete love. They open up wholly, sharing a total empathy that translates to the feeling of total oneness with another human being.

Their bond will feel solid, deep, and true. They’ll often share the feeling that their love is an ancient flame – one that has lived in the heart for centuries. Even the least spiritually oriented Scorpios usually have an underlying belief in soulmates and other esoteric realities that can’t be explained using the five senses alone.

Still, as close as they are, Scorpios have a lot of adjusting to do if they want to live together in some semblance of harmony. For one thing, there are their depressive moods to consider, which make Nietzsche’s existentialism feel like a cheerful nursery rhyme.

Because of their intuitive ability to absorb the energy around them like sponges, Scorpios are understandably weighed down. On some level, their life experience is intrinsically connected to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. They may retain trauma behaviors from childhoods of abuse, neglect, or some other extreme form of hardship (even if it resulted mainly from internal turmoil and isolation).

Suffice to say that it’s not easy for one Scorpio who is in a deep depression to lift up another. The air can grow quite heavy in their homes during these times. There are several courses of action they might take when they’re both in the slums.

One is to find salvation in their connection, which often feels like living proof of the timeless, enduring soul. Another is to take some space, preferably with a Gemini friend who conveniently lacks a fear of heights, at least when it comes to their soaring imaginations.

Air signs tend to have lighter, more buoyant personalities that allow them to float beyond troubling emotions, escaping into their daydreams. In this respect, Scorpios could learn a thing or two from a Gemini.

In any case, Scorpios need to have coping mechanisms – as well as passions, relationships, and hobbies – outside of each other. When two intensely emotional Scorpios rely on each other for everything they need, they’re playing a dangerous game, and the marriage is sure to fail.

The good news is that most Scorpios are very ambitious people with a strong independent streak. This serves them well in a relationship with another scorpion.



Communicating in healthy ways can be a challenge for these two. Like Capricorns, Scorpios tend to repress their true emotions until they come out later, the sting of revenge much stronger for the time it spent festering.

Unlike Caps, though, Scorpios are not straightforward people when they do find the courage to express their feelings. It just doesn’t come naturally to them.

For this reason, there is a danger of repressing hurt feelings until they fester into a wound, and then lashing out later in an a manipulative act of revenge. Though this only serves to deepen the wound. You can see the harmfulness of such a pattern as it unfolds.

And the Scorpio memory is even longer than a Capricorn and just as long as Taurus’. Let that sink in for a moment. They remember everything. But unlike Taurus, who stores pertinent, potentially incriminating information in his practical mind, Scorpio files it away into his emotions. Therefore, when he acts out, he does something that will emotionally hurt his partner.

Scorpios would do well to become more forgiving of one another. But forgiveness is not just a feeling; it’s an action that must be practiced again and again before it becomes second nature. Communicating more honestly and openly in the moment goes a long way toward forgiveness as a habit.

When they make a point to communicate their feelings more spontaneously over time, their relationship grows stronger. Just as Scorpios hold onto hurt, anger, and pain for long periods of time, they also sustain love and positivity.

These extreme personalities do well together when they remember that “the grass is greener where you water it”. Luckily, their ability to emotionally commit and remain devoted throughout a lifetime works in their favor. When Scorpios truly love each other, they will usually do whatever it takes to make their relationship last.



Sex between two Scorpios holds the best of both words. They fulfill each other’s deepest emotional needs, but they also make each other’s most primal sexual fantasies into reality.

There is no realm too dark or taboo to explore. That is, of course, unless it is related to a past trauma, which can block the flow of the Scorpio sexuality. It can also be a very unhealthy thing personally and in their relationship.

Sexuality is often the main mode of expression for Scorpios. If they close it off, they are closing each other off. A natural Scorpio intimate union knows no bounds. It is a total emotional release – the one place to be transparent, raw, and vulnerable.

Spirituality and self-expression are intrinsically connected in the Scorpio sexuality. They are capable of experiencing total oneness with a partner.

Their mutual sensitivity makes them highly skilled, nuanced lovers who become completely absorbed in each other. Scorpio does not merely sense his or her partner’s needs; he feels them in his own body, his own heart.

The sex life between two Scorpios will never be boring or stagnant. That is, unless there is an emotional block or disconnect. Sex is directly connected to emotions for Scorpio. It’s one of the myriad reasons why it’s so important for them to open the flow of communication between them in all areas of their relationship, including sexuality.



  • They emotionally understand each other almost instantly. This leads to a fast friendship or relationship that becomes solid over time.
  • They are each capable of emotional commitment and devotion. They are not fair weather friends or lovers.
  • Scorpios share a similar attitude about money: Save it for a rainy day until there are no rainy days, which doesn’t happen until they are both dead. (That’s how serious many Scorpios are about their finances and security.)


  • Influenced by negative feminine night forces, Scorpios can be pessimistic and prone to very low moods. When they’re both down in the dumps, it’s hard to lift each other up.
  • Scorpios have escapist tendencies that can translate to addictions. If they have these issues, their relationship could become codependent, and addictions or emotional problems can be exacerbated.
  • Communication does not come easily to many Scorpios.

Summary of Scorpio and Scorpio

In many ways, Scorpios are so similar that they can feel like the same person at times.

However, it’s important to remember that they are not. They are whole, separate beings of their own, each with his own set of needs, desires, and traits in a relationship. Although they are similar enough to mirror one another in many ways, they need to respect themselves and each other as individuals.

Fortunately, Scorpios are usually independent-minded. They live their lives for their own happiness and blaze their own trail, even if it is down a rough road.


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