What is your Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire Number mean in Numerology?

The Heart’s Desire or The Soul Urge in Numerology determines what you yearn for most in life. This number tells you about the journey of your soul in this life or the agreement that you have before coming into this physical body.

How to Calculate 

The Soul Urge or the Heart’s Desire Number is calculated by adding all the vowels (A,E,I,O,U) in your (full birth) name together.

Do note that “Y” is used as a vowel sound (in names such as Benny, Tracy etc) and must be counted as well. 

The Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire Number is calculated as follows:

  • A = 1
  • E = 5
  • I = 9
  • O = 6
  • U = 3
  • Y = 7

Heart’s Desire Number Descriptions 

Heart Desire 1 

Your heart’s desire is to be completely independent. Not only do you want to be the master of your destiny but also to lead others. Your confidence and intelligence helps you with these endeavors. 

Heart Desire 2

Your heart’s desire is to have peace, balance and harmony in this lifetime. This can be done through nurturing and caring for others which is something you’re already probably doing in this lifetime. It’s not a surprise that others are drawn to you for emotional, mental, physical or any type of support. Your heightened intuition and emotions helps others.

Heart Desire 3

Your Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire is to lift up others with joy and spread positivity to as many people as you can! In this life, you will be gifted with humor or the ability to naturally raise people’s vibrations (mood as we call it) as this will help your soul fulfill its desire of bringing joy. 

Heart Desire 4

Your heart’s desire according to Numerology is to have structure and order in this life and set goals that you can achieve. Being ambitious is part of the package here. You need stability and process. You need to balance logic and emotion in this life.

Heart Desire 5

It is your heart’s desire to have freedom and to travel and explore with the need of constant stimulation that means being exposed to brand new adventures. You are passionate and can be a positive light among others.

Heart Desire 6

Your heart’s desire is to have people around you that you can nurture and look after. With the pleasure you receive from recognition, you tend to enjoy looking after others. That doesn’t mean you don’t love unconditionally when in fact you easily give love.

Heart Desire 7

Knowledge is something that is very valuable to your heart. It is your sou’d urge to learn deeply so that you can master the things you’re interested in. You will need to learn to connect socially with people.

Heart Desire 8

Your heart’s desire is to have money, power and wealth! You may go through many learning blocks and struggles to get there but once you make it you are on your way to reach the stars.

Heart Desire 9

Your heart’s desire or Soul Urge is to be a humanitarian and serve and care for others. Social and humane responsibility is important to you. You could end up creating the biggest non-profit businesses in the world!

Heart Desire 11 

You have a very wise, old soul. Your heart’s desire is to fix the world’s problems and create solutions that will have an impact on other people’s lives.

You may be tested and grow up in challenging environments to make you work harder at becoming all that you are.

Heart Desire 22 

Based on your Soul Urge in Numerology, it is your heart’s desire to truly make a mark on the world. You are a master of your own destiny and can do anything in this world. Make your life count – follow your passion, stand up for what you believe in and make your dreams a reality.

All the Master 11 number gifts are in you including the work ethic of number 4. You can create a brilliant life. All you have to do is believe in yourself.

Now that you know what your heart’s desire or your soul urge number is, let’s move on to another aspect of your personality, the expression number.

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