Taurus and Leo Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus and Leo Horoscopes


Bulls absolutely love to nurture and take care of their mates, but they’re too grounded to engage in excessive shows of worship. The typical Taurus is emotionally reserved – a man or woman of few words. Leo is a fire sign, not an air sign, so he doesn’t necessarily need a lover who weaves whole new world from words every night.

Leo likes to feel that his lover is there in the flesh (not up in the clouds) and focused entirely on him. However, Leo’s fiery nature means that he is very emotionally driven and does require dramatic demonstrations of passion, devotion, and, yes, worship. Lions expect only a slightly less intense degree of admiration from their friends, by the way.



Considering the imposing, vaguely unnerving image of a fierce lion and a stubborn bull competing for space in the same grassy field, the friendship that forms between these two is more gentle than one might imagine.

Although he puts on regal airs and is a leader in life, the lion’s emotions are even bigger than his bite. Gentled by Venus, Taurus emanates an inner stillness and tranquility that lends peace and stability to Leo’s intense existence. 

Both are capable of deep, lasting devotion to their friendship. Taurus is a constant support to Leo. She enjoys taking care of mundane details and practical concerns for Leo, allowing the lion enough beauty rest to live as intensely as she does. Such forces of nature need to recharge. Taurus’s steady rationality and gentle, loving nature provides just the right space for Leo to rest easily.

In turn, Leo is fiercely devoted to Taurus. The lion’s bravery, magnanimous nature, and generosity makes him a benevolent leader and a true friend to Taurus, who only trusts people as devoted and steadfastly reliable as Leo.



Although Taurus is softened by Venus’s rulership, she is too much of a realist to idealize a lover. She will, however, seem to exist entirely for him, and be there at his beck and call.

Leos luxuriate in the feeling that Taurus is like an oasis where he returns from his great adventures each night to replenish himself. Taurus can’t help but embody love, and Leo delights in the sense of emotional security the bull provides. As fixed signs, both Taurus and Leo are dependable people. Once they give they make a soul bond with a lover, it may very well last a lifetime. 

However, this relationship is not without its conflicts. Their shared fixed status means that they hold onto hurt longer than other signs. When they disagree, they do so absolutely. Also, they’re so attached to their beliefs and opinions that they take a long time to meet each other in the middle.

If they truly love each other, they are capable of enough devotion and emotional commitment to find their way back to each other. Though, sometimes, it may take so long it seems as if hell will freeze over before Leo puts aside his pride and Taurus overcomes her stubborn willfulness.

Both Leo and Taurus have the tendency to become emotionally and sexually frigid when their outsized egos or emotions have been wounded.

Still, they both have strongly loving natures, and beneath the lion’s pride lies a noble spirit. He is more likely to show he is sorry by indulging his Taurean lover in grand, romantic overtures than actually apologizing out loud. This is usually fine by Taurus, whose vanity is less of an issue. Taurus also prefers romance and seduction to long-winded verbiage, anyway. 



If Taurus can make a conscious effort to become more demonstrative of her emotions for Leo rather than simply luxuriating in their love, Leo will take her seriously as a long-term love. Most Leos live their lives under a real or imagined spotlight and need to feel like the center of their lover’s world. Taurus will have no problem making Leo feel this way. Besides love, the central driving force in Leo’s life is personal glory. Even the most mundanely employed Leos are performers at heart – makeshift stars of their own show. They want to carve out whatever fame there is to be had in their lives.

While some other signs might be irked by this self-centeredness, Taurus is humble enough to accommodate it. Rarely motivated by a need for personal glory, Taurus is usually happy to take a “backstage” role and support Leo’s big dreams in small, practical ways that mean everything to Leo. 

Even when she is decidedly unconventional, Taurus has a magical way of making even their first crumbling studio apartment into a cozy slice of heaven. As practical as she is whimsical, she knows how to stretch a dollar into richness, bathing their home in a candlelit glow and adorning it with vintage-style antiques. Female Taureans especially tend to favor a Renaissance style. She’ll have none of the sleek sparseness of modern styles. 

Leos of both sexes are romantic traditionalists at heart. Their idea of romance is epic, almost Shakespearean. This side of Leo’s nature readily appeals to Taurus, who really does have an unquenchable faith in the kind of love and devotion espoused by old time lovers like Romeo and Juliet. Taurus and Leo need not take their love down such a tragic path to prove its faithfulness. Aside from when they are frozen by pride and willfulness, they show each other how they feel regularly.



There is one area of contention that will probably appear again and again throughout their marriage. Leo likes to be in control, happily taking a leadership role in a marriage to the outwardly docile Taurus.

To an outsider who knows nothing about astrology, Taurus may very well be written off as a lightweight in life – a fluffy, romantic sap who is in love with being in love, even when everyone else can see her love is blind. But the truth is, not even a magnificent, solar-powered lion, who sees royalty and status as his kingly birthright, can control Taurus. 

Taurus serves Leo because he/she wants to, not merely because Leo expects it. The bull does move rather passively through life. To be fair, he only charges when pushed to his limit. And it takes a lot to push this even-keeled individual to his limit. However, Leos would be mistaken to underestimate the power of passive resistance. At least in the case of Taurus. You simply can’t push a Taurus to change his mind or do something he has decided not to do. Furthermore, it’s not very likely that the bull will come around and see things Leo’s way once he’s had time to think – at least not for a very long time. 

Believe it or not, their biggest blowouts might concern money. Leo is an extravagant spender- there’s no getting around it. The fact that they’re as generous and charitable with their money as they are indulgent does little to ease Taurus’s growing panic as the months tick by. Taureans are exceedingly practical about money. In fact, Leos will find their caution downright stingy at times. They are unable to understand why bulls are always squirreling away everything they earn as if it might save them from an impending apocalypse. 

However, Taurus’s attitude about money is very unlikely to change throughout his entire lifetime. The truth is, no Taurus can ever feel financially or emotionally secure enough. They take comfort in permanency, but so do Leos.

This might be their saving grace when it comes to money. As much as Leo loves to live life to the fullest and enjoy the moment, he was born under fixed fire. This means there is a limit to his spontaneity. He has a long-term vision for the future, which is Taurus’s one comfort in the area of their finances. Another comfort might come from making an agreement to handle their finances more separately than other couples. 



Taurus requires a physical, tangible display of love. Leo’s fiery passion fulfills her need to be enveloped and consumed by a lover. The bull finds completion and contentment in the lion’s grand romantic gestures. Taurus also loves Leo’s willingness to show love in actions rather than words. Something about their lovemaking makes them both feel emotionally secure. They need this to fully open up to each other. 

Love is the one area in which the mighty lion surrenders to a force greater than herself. Leo needs to gently cater to the bull’s tendency to open herself up slowly. He must shed the bull’s inhibitions layer by later. Taurus may be less action-oriented and dynamic than Leo in bed. However, she embodies love. Her earthy, sensual lovemaking paces Leo. Their pleasure builds for a long time before imploding into flames that consume them both. 



  • As both friends and lovers, they are both capable of long-term emotional bonding and devotion.
  • Leo’s romantic nature, sunny warmth, and open heart melts Taurus’s considerable reserve more quickly than the bull might have imagined.
  • They both have a healthy respect and deference to love, which bonds them in commitment or marriage.


  • They are both stubborn to a fault. When Leo’s pride is injured and Taurus’s sensitive heart has been hurt, they freeze each other out.
  • Taurus has a soft heart and gentle nature, which often leads the lion to underestimate her. Leos can be controlling, but bulls will not be forced to do anything they want to do unless they come to it on their own. 
  • Taurus may not be emotionally demonstrative enough to satisfy Leo.

Summary of Taurus and Leo

Although bulls and lions seem like opposites at first glance, there are many sweet reprieves and unexpected delights to be discovered if they stick together long enough.

As both friends and lovers, they have a good chance of doing so. As business partners, their conflicts might be irreconcilable, cost Taurus an early full head of gray hair, and douse the fire from Leo’s spirit. Emotionally, however, their differences are often balanced out by the surprisingly harmonious aspects of their relationship. 

Although their motivations in life might be markedly different in many ways, underneath they want very much to be loved. They want to be loved not fleetingly, not for a moment in time, but forever. Luckily for Taurus, Leo’s love is not merely a spark that burns out before it reaches its full brightness. It shines on and on, like starlight on a velvet night or sunlight in the morning, extinguishing darkness from view. 


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