The compatibility of Taurus and Libra Horoscopes

For all her pragmatism and good sense, Taurus often sees love (and the object of her abundant affections) through rose-colored glasses. Her Venus rulership means that she’s in love with love. She feels as if she’s not living fully without a deeply bonded relationship.

It’s not that Taurus doesn’t have the wits, means, and common sense to build a life on their own. That’s far from the truth about these persevering individuals. When they want something, the only sign that matches their single-mindedness and determination is perhaps Capricorn.


However, Venus’s rulership endows her with such a loving nature that expressing it is a vital part of her being. The same is true of male bulls (there is no intended gender-specificity here). That’s why Libra will so readily appeal to the bull, whose idea of love is gentle and forgiving. Also ruled by Venus, Libra’s demeanor is softened by its feminine wiles. Even male Libras often have a decidedly effeminate sex appeal. An air sign graced by the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, Libra is lighthearted, optimistic, charmingly romantic, and serene. Add the Libran sophistication, refinement, and artistic sensitivity, and you’ve got every Taurus childhood dream come to life.

Both Taurus and Libra are so people-pleasing and sweet that people may initially take them for pushovers. That assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Libra is a cardinal air sign. This means that she is action-oriented with a take-charge personality. The means by which Libra gets what she wants is often indirect. However, it’s no less determined than Cancer’s tenacity or Capricorn’s plodding perseverance. Scales people generally subscribe to the adage, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. They are known to cushion harsh truths or ultimatums with praise and affection. Simply put, Libras make people want to do things for them, including bulls.

However, anyone who is unfettered by the term “passive resistance” has likely never known a Taurus very well. The bull’s stubbornness can be as blind as their love and adoration. When a Taurus doesn’t want to do something, not even a regal, commanding Leo or authoritative Capricorn can bend their iron will. Libras, who are constantly swinging on a pendulum between the polarities in their analytical minds, should keep this in mind when entering a relationship with Taurus. This relationship can frequently escalate into a most amusing battle of wills (well, amusing for outside observers, at least).



They’re likely drawn together by a mutual interest in the arts or love of nature. Both signs have a keen eye for beauty and enjoy cushioning their world with the finer things in life. But while Libra is a romantic idealist, Taurus is a realist, and her natural pragmatism doesn’t allow her to get swept away by flights of fancy. Ruled by feminine, negative forces, Taurus is cautious and can be pessimistic about outcomes in love and life.

Taurus accepts the duality of life without much ado. Their even natures make them great in crises, and their tranquility certainly appeals to Libras, whose equilibrium is constantly in question. 

Libra’s poetic soul appeals to Taurus’s sentimental side, loving nature, and need for harmony. While he may be reluctant to admit it, Libra is awestruck by the solid, surefootedness with which Taurus plods through life. How is it that one person can know themselves and what they want so well? For Libra,  the path of life splits about a hundred times a day, but for Taurus there is only ever one path. It’s often the one of least resistance, which leads the peace-loving bull right into a cozy friendship with Libra. Libra’s sunny optimism lifts her spirits when they’re consumed by fear and pessimism.



A romantic relationship between these two can be harmonious if they understand their fundamental differences early on. While Taurus is as solid and unbendable as a brick wall, Libra is constantly balancing decisions on symbolic scales. They constantly seek out a perfect balance that often doesn’t exist. While Libra takes comfort in Taurus’s surety about who he is and about the world, she has a habit of questioning his decisions. This can be ingratiating for the bull, who is a man (or woman) of few words.

Still, Libra is grateful for the stability Taurus adds to her life. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus has the endurance to build a steady foundation for their lives. Libra is steadied by the bull’s tranquil temperament and heartened by the fact that Taurus’s commitment to maintaining harmony in their life is as deep as hers.

However, Libra perseveres on issues far more often than Taurus does. Their need to pursue justice and restore fairness as a virtue in the world can be exhaustive. Taurus would sooner shrug off the injustice of the world and live according to his own way. However, Libra is a cardinal leadership sign, and feels personally driven to make life’s wrongs right.

Taurus also tires of Libra’s tendency to live so much in his head. Taurus is a physical sign and doesn’t need to analyze reality beyond what she perceives with her five senses. Still, no one ever proved their point with as much tact and gentility as a Libra charmer. As stubborn as Taurus can be, their loving natures are warmed by Libra’s remarkable ability to assert themselves while remaining sensitive to their loved ones.



Despite the differences in their mentality, bulls and scales people often find harmony together. Libra’s romantic idealism melts Taurus, who has always dreamed of a true love etched in stone by such a lovely tradition as marriage. Even if Libra is less sure of his level of commitment at first, he won’t be able to bear breaking Taurus’s tender heart. He’ll tie the knot sooner or later. If he’s truly in love and wants to hold onto her, that’s probably a wise decision.

Bulls can’t be fully happy in a relationship where there is perceived risk; they need emotional security like we need oxygen to live. Marriage appeals to Taurus, because it’s a tangible proof of love. Libra’s romantic idealism and Venusian sentimentality also draw him to convention. Although the other, more analytical side of him may wonder why a piece of paper is considered so inviolable.

Still, Libra wants to please a lover, and if he’s really in love, he’ll usually marry Taurus quickly. Carving out a routine can be tough, because Libra is usually more outgoing than Taurus. However, like most issues for these two, it’s nothing that can be smoothed over with a little compromise, affection, and reassurance. 

Besides, they both like to inhabit the world of arts and entertainment more often than not. Taurus usually doesn’t mind if Libra needs the freedom to pursue her own interests outside the home. That is, as long as those interests don’t include taking up flirtatiously with any of her many would-be suitors, however innocently.

For all their docility, bulls are quite possessive in love. They expect total physical and emotional faithfulness. Libra’s venture into new territories are usually limited to a bat of eyelashes and a beatific smile for a charming stranger. However, Taurus would prefer they are even more limited than that, being charming only to only him.



Since neither one of these signs particularly enjoy conflict, their true needs and emotions can become repressed. When this happens, Taurus becomes cantankerous and filled with visions of doom for the future. Libra, on the other hand, becomes almost neurotic with indecisiveness, torturing herself over every small decision until Taurus finally snaps out of his stony silence.

Still, their kind, pleasing natures usually draw them back together in time. Sometimes, it’s a shorter time for Taurus than it would be with any other sign. The power of Venus is underestimated in astrology because it’s a pacifying power. Though, when one really thinks about it (which Libra will), wars will only ever end for good if humanity learns learns how to compromise for the sake of harmony. Aggression is merely a temporary solution. This is a lesson that fire signs could learn well from Taurus and Libra.



Libra’s touch may be a tad too light for Taurus’s taste, but the bull will appreciate his frequent romantic overtures and poetic soul. They have a few fundamental differences that will probably need to be tenderly worked out. For one thing, Taurus likes to submerge herself fully in emotion and physical sensation. She is completely present in the moment, lending an almost tantric quality to lovemaking. Libra sometimes seems to be lost in his head, pulling fantasies out of the air full of sweet words and imagination. If the bull’s Libra lover can focus on materializing those fantasies into physical acts with emotion behind them, Taurus will melt in his hands.

Taurus will also deeply appreciate the way Libra perceives and plays on every subtle move or emotion expressed between them. After all, being a sensualist is about more than physical sensation; it’s also about reveling in the subtle nuances of passion. Because they are both gentle lovers, their tenderness will easily pour out into each other’s arms, minds, and hearts.



  • Taurus’s tranquil spirit soothes Libra; his stability makes her feel secure.
  • Neither Taurus nor Libra are apt to make impulsive decisions; the bull deliberates for a long time before choosing so that he is totally sure. Libra vacillates between options until finally coming to a decision (even if he is never fully sure).
  • They share a love of art, beauty, and luxuriating in the finer things together. 


  • The usually passive bulls can become angry and controlling in response to Libra’s questioning conventions that Taurus has believed in all their lives.
  • Libra’s indecisiveness can aggravate single-minded Taurus, who hardly ever changes his opinions.
  • Libra’s optimistic attitude sometimes frustrates bulls, who feel their pessimism is simply realism. (But erring on the bright side, like Libra likes to do, bulls could use a daily infusion of sunny optimism in their lives.)

Summary of Taurus and Libra

Venus is expressed very differently in the earth and air elements, but it bonds Taurus and Libra through its loving, sensitive qualities. Both signs require balance and harmony to live happily. Taurus’s steadiness and tranquility are a stabilizing force in Libra’s life. Although Libra’s indecisiveness is sometimes read as fickleness by the single-minded bull, it wouldn’t hurt Taurus to look at both sides of situations.

Although Taurus’s consistency can be a good thing for Libra, the bull’s stubborn adherence to his own point of view can stifle his growth. Although Taurus doesn’t change easily, everyone is meant to evolve continuously throughout life. Therefore, Libra’s ability to see more than one side of every situation can add depth and wisdom to Taurus’s character.


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