The compatibility of Taurus and Scorpio Horoscopes

Consider what it means to be astrological opposites on the zodiac wheel. What it really signifies is that you have the qualities that most lack and need to develop within themselves, and vice versa. What it doesn’t mean is that you are opposites in every single way.

People on opposite ends of the karmic wheel in astrology tend to be either powerful drawn to or repelled by each other. Sometimes both are true. In the case of Taurus and Scorpio, Scorpio deeply wishes to be as straightforward and transparent as Taurus. That or they at least want to appear that way. They constantly wear a mask to project certainty and solidity of character.


The planet Pluto rules the dark, unseen forces of the world, the cycle of life and death, and eternity. It often dictates that Scorpio, at some point, be submerged in the darkest realm of human existence and then transcend this negativity to connect with his eternal soul: a source of light.

Scorpio is not a sign of duality like Gemini but does often occupy two worlds – one of darkness and one of light. Knowing the darkness and the desolation of absolute depression as intimately as the scorpion does, he often feels as though he can never fully escape it. Nor can he ever embody the simple existence that Taurus seems to have.

To Taurus, there are no in-betweens, but only absolutes. Taurus is born sure of what he thinks and how he feels and continues this way throughout much of his life. Taurus is who he is and has no need to hide behind a mask. They are so solid and dependable. Their roots are firmly planted in the earth and their determination is an enduring trait that allows them to build the foundation for long-term security in life. Besides, Taurus’s tranquil, even temper stills the scorpion soul and centers him. 



Scorpios secretly find comfort and stability in Taurus. The truth is, they have a lot more in common than they might think. Both are fixed signs, which means that when they make a soul bond, it runs deep and lasts a lifetime, even if the relationship ends. Unless, of course, they are betrayed somehow by the object of their singular desires. As they get to know each other, Taurus might take the opinion that Scorpio is somewhat needlessly masochistic, torturing herself over situations she ought to just accept for what they are instead of investing such intense emotions in the outcomes.

But Scorpio cannot be divorced from her intensity any more than a person can be split in half and still walk, talk, and live. Their deep feelings and emotional core are a part of their soul. Their chemical and spiritual makeup is different from that of the bull. Scorpio is a water sign and simply does not possess the logical pragmatism and detachment that the bull has. 

Still, Scorpio is an intuitive sign and sometimes moves through life on pure soul-instinct. She senses that there is more to the bull than meets the eye. Naturally, she’s right. Rather than try to diffuse their mutual tension by neutralizing with lots of sugarcoated compliments the way Libra might, Scorpio withholds the information. Scorpio (like Taurus) withholds most information and feelings until she trusts someone. Unlike Taurus, she is quite sensitive and can use the information gleaned from her canny instincts against a friend later on.

A Taurus might be startled out of complacency when, years after he thought he’d concealed his desire to take a friendship with a Scorpio to the next level, Scorpio chooses a particularly sun-dappled spring day, spent out in nature where Taurus feels most at home, to candidly state that she has known all along how he felt and then glibly change the subject.

And let it be known that Taureans are as protective over their feelings as they are anything else they own. They don’t take lightly to being toyed with. They may seem docile and passive, but they value honesty so deeply that if they’re deceived, they might retreat into stony coldness and disappear altogether from Scorpio’s life.



Despite their many opposite qualities, Taurus and Scorpio are often inexplicably drawn to each other. It’s often because they sense that the other has the qualities they lack, and they would become more whole through an intimate association with each other. At least, that’s how the logical Taurus may come to see it in later years. Scorpio is led by her soul-deep yearnings toward people with whom she feels kindred. And somehow she senses that beneath his placid veneer and stubborn adherence to logic and reason, the bull is a kindred soul.

They’ll argue a lot, seeing the world from different vantage points as they do. Taurus rationalizes in order to come to conclusions in life. Scorpio intuits, and therefore seems to just know things. Although Taurus won’t readily admit it, and perhaps will never admit it, he envies the fact that Scorpio possesses an even deeper certainty than he does – that of the soul. 

Still, Taurus doesn’t trust her magnetic attraction to Scorpio. Not at first, and not in the least. However, as a fixed water sign, Scorpio’s emotional persistence is unmatched.

But what’s even more frustrating to Taurus than her own desire for such an ineffable person, an ethereal, contradictory being whom she can’t make any straightforward sense of, is the fact that Scorpio doesn’t even pursue her directly. He gets tantalizingly close and then abruptly pulls away. His intensity sometimes seems so singularly focused on her that she feels as if she’s drowning in his emotional depths. This is not a comfortable feeling for an earthling like herself. Yet she keeps coming back for more – going against the grain of her practical nature.

Eventually, Scorpio will stop toying with her and make his intentions to share a life with her crystal clear. What’s also clear by now is that he wants to possess her, which may scare other signs away. However, Taurus happens to be a shade possessive herself. It may come as sweet relief when Scorpio finally gives her something solid to hold onto, himself, body, mind, and soul. And with time, he will.



If Taurus and Scorpio are able to navigate their differences to this stage, it often means they truly love each other. They have come to allow their differences to add harmony and balance to their lives, not the earth-rattling discord Taurus can’t abide for very long. Though he will abide for longer than usual with the seductive scorpion.

Instead of living in the ups and downs, bulls and scorpions who are well-matched in marriage eventually benefit somewhat from their differences. Don’t get me wrong – this bond will never have the peaceful, even-keeled vibrations of, say, a Taurus and Capricorn pairing. 

Still, Taurus’s steadiness adds much-needed stability to Scorpio’s intense existence, which often swings high and low. With the direct energy of Mars, Scorpio has penetrated the bull’s inner, emotional being. This is a fact which Taurus eventually accepts and makes peace with. They might do so for no other reason than that the reality of it can’t be changed. The ability to penetrate to the heart of any matter is the one consistently direct thing about Scorpio. Taurus comes to appreciate it once he knows he can trust her. 

It often does take marriage for Taurus to truly believe in her partner. Since Scorpio is capable of deep, long-lasting emotional commitment, they can find happiness together if they learn to navigate the challenging path toward it.



As fixed signs ruled by feminine negative forces, they each can fall into some long-winded, depressive phases. If it happens at the same time, they’re likely to drag each other down deeper into the dumps, at least for a while.

Taurus’s pessimism about human nature and the world in general isn’t exactly a breath of fresh, sunny air. And Scorpio’s murky retreats into the bottom of her own emotional ocean-depths only serve to reinforce the truth Taurus already suspects. This truth is that their pure, untainted joy can’t be sustained, at least not unless he can keep his scorpion partner satisfied.

Still, if they truly love each other, their solid bond does sustain. Eventually, they will find comfort and salvation in the ability of their love to endure. After all, Taurus can no more easily be divorced from his loving nature than Scorpio can be divorced from her emotional depth. Ruled by Venus, the planet which rules beauty, pleasure, and love, Taurus embodies love. Therefore, he attracts it from all over when he chooses to radiate it. 

Something very similar could be said for Scorpio, whose power to love unconditionally makes Taurus feel safe no matter how pessimistic he becomes. This can especially be true when part of his life is out of order, be it finances, health, or, God forbid, the family he was raised in. Their loyalty seals their fate together. They take comfort in the fact that each of them is as loyal and true as the other. 



To Scorpio, sex with a person he loves is an act of spiritual renewal and a show of surrender to her lover and to love. Although on the surface this sign runs hot and cold, true Scorpio love is complete. She loves with no restraint and without emotional distance. She becomes submerged in the core of her feelings for her mate. Taurus may not think of lovemaking in the same terms, but submits to love in her own sensual way. This is little by little, revealing her loving core and reaching ecstasy over time.

Scorpio’s sensitivity renders him a nuanced lover, yet his intensity catches Taurus the heat of his flame as if he/she were a mere butterfly, not a stolid bull.

Although Taurus is a sensualist who delights more in romantic physical expressions of love than Scorpio, scorpions will love the way the bull gives himself up to his senses. The bull typically revels in the subtle nuances of their lovemaking and doesn’t shying away from emotional intimacy.



  • Both signs are capable of long-term love and devotion to each other. They make fiercely loyal friends and lovers.
  • Each person embodies what the other lacks. By mixing with each other, they become more whole as individuals.
  • Taurus’s steadiness and tranquility adds emotional stability to Scorpio’s life. The bulls put scorpions in touch with their still centers, steeping them in soul.


  • Their mutual pessimism can reach pathological levels at times. Unless air or even fire signs figure heavily in one (or hopefully both) of their charts, neither is buoyant enough to deftly lift each other out of despair. Their long-term love and devotion, however, can be their saving grace.
  • As fixed signs, they hold onto old hurts and ancient history for much longer than most other signs. Leo, the other fixed sign in the zodiac, is ruled by positive, masculine forces and the sun. (Vibrant lions can be grandly optimistic and can’t stay out of the sun for too long.)
  • Taurus is maddened by Scorpio’s secretive nature. And it takes a lot to rouse a bull from complacency. However, when he rages, his anger is as intense as Scorpio’s.

Summary of Taurus and Scorpio

These astro-opposites can greatly enrich and add depth to each other’s life experiences. That is, if they don’t kill each other in the process! As with any zodiac opposites, it’s important that they stay true to their natures. They must learn to compromise without changing who they are. This can be a trickier balance than it sounds.

However, both Taurus and Scorpio are strong-minded individuals who know who they are. Therefore, they’re less likely to try to change for each other than other signs who find themselves in love and opposite signs.

Taurus accepts facts he can’t change. His logic eventually wins over even his passive resistance. Scorpio intuitively understands that one person can never really change another. With time, she either parts ways with Taurus, having learned a lot, or decides she loves him enough to remain.

Neither scorpions nor bulls seem to fully understand that one can never truly possess another person. But luckily, their possessive tendencies are quelled by their unshakable loyalty, which neither are shy to convey.

Both Scorpios and Taureans are all in or all out. They don’t do love, or much of anything, in between. That’s why sparks are sure to fly when they fall in love. But even amid the “bad” kind of fireworks caused by conflict, they can comfort themselves by staying true to their loving natures and each other.


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