The compatibility of Taurus and Virgo Horoscopes

Taurus and Virgo are two of the most grounded characters in the zodiac. Virgo admires Taurus’s persistence in the face of adversity and ability to approach most situations in a rational, even-keeled manner.

Virgo also prides himself on being logical. Although sometimes he divorces his mind and heart altogether, dismissing the yearnings of his heart because he rationalizes that human beings are too foible to hold safe something so delicate.

Still, Virgo is more likely to open up to Taurus than any other sign (except perhaps Capricorn). 


The slowness with which Virgo opens up won’t unnerve Taurus the way it would an emotional fire sign or whimsical, spontaneous Gemini. Taurus values emotional security above all else in life aside from love, which most Taureans do need in a romantic sense.

Still, Taurus is cautious and reserved by nature and takes her time opening up to a lover. Virgo’s patience and gentle nature strongly appeal to her. 



Bulls and virgins share similar motivations, desires, and natures. So it’s only naturally that they bond with each other, and the bond is often permanent. Neither of them open up easily to lovers or friends.

But Virgo reasons that Taurus has respected his space and boundaries, never asked too many prying questions, and created a steady foundation for friendship upon which trust can be built. Taurus reasons that Virgo has always been a kind, objective listener, has always been honest with her, and commemorates monthly anniversaries with sweet, practical gifts.

They often become the keepers of each other’s secrets, and it’s not uncommon for their friendship to be the only setting in which they really open up. While Virgo’s criticisms can be a little hard to stomach for more sensitive, emotional signs, Taurus sees the Virgin’s good intentions. Also, the bull’s ego is usually sturdy enough to absorb a few blows. This is especially true if they know their occasionally overstepping Virgo friend means well underneath.



When they love each other deeply, Taurus and Virgo usually won’t let their emotions cloud their logic. They make practical, thorough decisions, and their life together usually unfolds relatively smoothly.

Both are capable of lifelong dedication to a relationship, career, or lifestyle. As a fixed sign, Taurus is generally able to build stronger, lasting foundations. As a mutable sign, Virgos’ minds have a habit of racing ahead of them, and they can sometimes grow restless and frustrated with the bull’s stoic, enduring patience. Still, as an earth sign, Virgo’s Mercury-ruled fickleness is tempered by a grounded personality. 

They both know that anything worth attaining takes hard work, and they’re not afraid to put it in. They each have the determination to start at the bottom and work toward the top in any profession. As long as they are both healthy and able-bodied, financial security is usually not a major issue for them.

Ruled by feminine negative forces, both bulls and virgins can be overly cautious and pessimistic at times. This makes it hard for them to lift each other out of the dumps, especially if they’re dealing with money issues or their lives are otherwise out of order. Virgos are nearly obsessed with order. They like their homes, opinions, and emotions tucked into neat boxes with clear labels.

Virgo is detailed-oriented to the extreme, sometimes to the point of being blinded to the bigger picture. In fact, The virgin’s exacting nature often results in an intense streak of perfectionism. Insecure Virgos can sometimes project those insecurities onto partners, attempting to mold them into their idea of perfection. Of course, this doesn’t absolve Virgo’s insecurities; it digs them even deeper. 

If Virgo subjects Taurus to this type of behavior, the tranquil, tolerant bull may deal with it for quite some time before finally raging like its namesake animal. After all, Venus’s rulership endows the bull with a loving nature, softens her personality, and makes her a nurturing lover. But once Taurus is pushed to his limits and tipped over the edge, she may not look back.

As a fixed sign, it takes a long time for Taureans to learn lessons, particularly in love, where they can be blinded. But once a Taurus does learn a lesson, they usually don’t make the same mistake again.

Still, Virgos and Taureans have enough common ground to get over most hurdles they come across in their relationship. And although everyone’s logic is clouded by emotions at times, it happens to these two less than other combinations.



Taurus is one of the few people who won’t have to jump through hoops to get Virgo to settle down. It isn’t that Virgo values freedom and detachment like Aquarius and some Sagittarians. Rather, Virgo just isn’t comfortable with any kind of self-surrender. Therefore, he keeps a degree of detachment in his relationships because, by virtue of human fallibility, no one can be trusted absolutely. This is precisely why Virgos tend to open up slowly. Also, they are more likely to trust consistent actions over a long period of time than any strong emotions Taurus arouses in him early on.

Luckily, Taurus understands this slowness and hesitation. After all, her self-preservation is of the utmost importance to her. It takes her some time to trust as well. But when these two do decide to get married, it’s usually not only because of their love; it’s also because their natures are harmonious, and their goals and desires are aligned.

Love is not enough to make typical bulls and virgins get married. The union has to make sense and have a probable chance of working out. Otherwise, they won’t even take the leap, as the risk of the fall will be too great. But since these two value similar things, such as emotional and financial security and responding logically to problems, they’re more likely to take a chance on each other.



Both their temperaments are rather even and peaceful. They favor the harmonious status quo over the chaos that comes from living with excess of any kind, be it emotional extremes or other vices. Virgo is prone to anxiety and neuroticism when any part of his life is out or order. Virgins don’t thrive in chaos. This is why the tranquil, even-tempered, logical bulls are one of the healthiest choices they could make.

Virgo is able to let his guard down at least somewhat with Taurus, who is so even-tempered and nurturing at the same time. Unlike Virgo, Taurus’s ability to live life to the fullest and relax completely into pleasurable moments is not compromised by anxiety. Although bulls have their share of worries about the future, it’s much easier for them to feel still and centered than it is for virgins. Virgos’ Mercury-ruled minds are always racing ahead.

Taurus has the strength to build a secure foundation upon which Virgo can relax (at least from time to time). The bull also embodies the comforts of home and is both soft and strong enough to absorb the fears Virgo doesn’t tell anyone else. Taurus is also able to dissolve them into sweet, sensual pleasures. 



Taurus’s passion is of the sensual and languorous variety. She expresses love physically, taking a lover into her arms and all her senses. She does not need an aggressive significant other who will conquer her, so Virgo’s gentle receptivity will readily appeal to her.

Although the bull probably wishes Virgo wouldn’t hold as much of himself back emotionally, Taurus knows that all good things take time. The bull is a safe place for the virgin, and with time and growing trust, Virgo lets go piece by piece. Though, he may not ever let go completely.

Rather than escape into the imagination and partake in complicated fantasies, Taurus likes to stay completely in the here and now. She relishes giving herself up to the intimacy of union with her lover. Taurus allows herself to be submerged in her slow-building ecstasy. More than the culmination of arousal in orgasm, Taurus delights in the moments building up to it. This might be a shaky held breath, the feel of her lover’s skin, or his responsiveness to her touch.

Their pace is well-matched. Virgos are very seldom aggressors in bed. They thrill at the sensual details rather than racing toward a finish line. Virgo ecstasy also builds over time and is all the more explosive in the end. Most virgins have a passive orientation to intimacy and prefer to let sensations flow rather than take control of the sexual experience. This is all well and good with Taurus, who often forms a tantric bond with her Virgo lover.



  • Their motivations, desires, and modes of self-expression are usually aligned, making their relationship a harmonious one.
  • Because they’re like-minded, practical, and reliable, they’re more likely to trust each other than most other signs in love. Emotional security is paramount to them.
  • Taureans and Virgos are so well-matched sexually that any tenderness they don’t express in daily life usually pours out in the bedroom.


  • Although Taurus is a people-pleaser by nature, he will not appreciate Virgo’s intense scrutiny and perfectionist standards. Taurus likes to be allowed to just be, but Virgo has trouble living in the moment and keeping his criticisms to himself.
  • Virgo is a minimalist, and Taurus is a sensualist. The virgin may not understand Taurus’s need to surround herself with so many luxury items, although he will respect that she almost never compromises their savings or spends money she doesn’t have.
  • They may be so sensible and practical that they fail to take enough healthy risks in their relationship, their perspective careers, and their shared decisions about how to spend their time. Although these two are creatures of habit who enjoy staying home much of the time, too much time indoors gives Virgo episodes of neuroticism and nature-loving Taurus cabin fever. 

Summary of Taurus and Virgo

In a romantic context, this relationship may not be novel-worthy in the traditional sense. It may be fraught with emotional extremes and great leaps and bounds of faith. However, their love runs deeper behind closed doors than anyone likely guesses. Both individuals have natural reservations, and they prefer to keep their private lives just that – private. This is especially true of Virgo. 

Besides, Virgo and Taurus will both reason as such: When did any of Shakespeare’s dramatic love stories ever end well? They have their own way of loving each other. Because their love is so solid, it runs deep enough to last a lifetime.

As friends or lovers, these two are more likely to let their guard down with each other than almost anyone else. 


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