A guide on the Taurus horoscope which is represented by the bull.

A Quick Introduction to the Taurus Zodiac

Taurus is the first earth sign in the zodiac, and as such, you are a powerfully grounded and solid individual. Calmness, patience and practicality come naturally to you, and you live life in a way that is slow and sensual.

A Taurus is always present in their bodies and is famous for being able to fully tap into this wonderful human experience here on earth.

Never one to refuse pleasure, you are someone who celebrates your senses through a thorough and hearty enjoyment of eating, drinking, and being merry.

As a Taurus, security is important to you, as is stability and planning. Change may be uncomfortable for your sign. Therefore, you prefer to be the one to initiate change – and only if absolutely necessary!

You like comfort over adventure, and you are always the solid rock in all your relationships. You provide a safe harbour to others, and your roots go very deep indeed.

One of your shining qualities is this consistency, yet you can also be as stubborn as a mule, always digging your heels in and refusing to budge. Adopting a little flexibility in life will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed when inevitable change comes your way. This change could be to your beloved home or your cherished routine, or simply when a new option or way of thinking is presented to you. 

The Taurus Symbol 

Your symbol is the powerful bull, Taurus, an animal known for its gentleness and strength. Like the bull, you are solid and calm, and many of you will have beautiful, soft, and soulful brown eyes which reflect the beauty of this animal. 

The bull likes its comforts. It loves eating and going slowly about its business. You, too, adore a wonderful meal and to be as snug as a bug in your lovely home. You never rush anything, as you know slow and steady wins the race. Your patience and tenderness are wonderful qualities that you share with the bull.

Bulls are also known for representing abundance and are a sign of wealth in many cultures. You strive to create this same abundance for yourself in life by working hard and carefully.

Your main challenge as the bull is your unwillingness to adapt to change and the potential for getting a little stuck in your ways at times. 

Element of Taurus Zodiac

As you know, your element is earth, one of the most solid and stable of them all. Being earth, you know the value of the material world, and you appreciate tangible answers to life’s sometimes difficult questions.

It’s easy for you to connect with your physical senses and to appreciate the natural beauty of your body and how it works. You’ll also have a powerful link to nature. In fact, many Taureans are gardeners and lovers of the physical world. Going on a gentle walk or digging your feet into the soil are medicine for your earthy sign. 

Earth signs are also known for their hard work and success in the material world. You are often a wealthy sign, as you know how to manipulate the earth to yield tangible rewards.

You’re someone who will always try and take care of the earth and all her creatures. You have a tender love for animals and plants.

Ruling Planet of Taurus Zodiac

Your ruling planet is Venus, the mythical Lady of Love. She is known in Greek mythology as Aphrodite.

Venus rules pleasure, the arts, relationships, affection, beauty, money, and values. In traditional astrology, it is a “Benefic” planet. This means she provides the good things of life to the signs she rules – one of which is yours.

The things she governs are, therefore, very important to you. As such, you are a sign that is highly creative and often very artistic.

You are capable of creating great beauty around you, from fashion, to art, to music, and a harmonious, beautiful environment is important to you. You’re also very loving and affectionate, and you just love being in love.

A loyal sign, you treasure your commitments, and you are easily affectionate. Wealth flows in naturally to you, and you inspire others to enjoy the sweet pleasures of life.

Taurus Birthstone/s

The birth stone that represents you, Taurus, is the shining Emerald. With green as your colour, the colour of the heart, the emerald perfectly reflects your loving nature.

And, of course, you like expensive things, and the emerald is certainly one of the gems that rank high on the list of costly jewels.

Key Traits of a Taurus Zodiac


You have many strengths, Taurus, and one of them is your dependability. Whether it’s work or pleasure, you can be relied upon to show up and stay present, which is a rare quality in a world full of fickleness.

This quality inspires others to be as accountable as you are and creates more good in the world. You also possess immense creative talent, and this may attract a lot of abundance to you in life, as well as make you feel more deeply connected to yourself.

And, one of your greatest strengths is your gentle, tender patience. You are an oasis of calm. Because you go so carefully, you seldom make the same mistakes that others who are hastier than you tend to stumble over. 


The biggest issue you will have to work on in life, Taurus, is your resistance to change. You’ll find that life often throws unpredictability at you. When you are unable to adapt, you can cause yourself immense suffering.

Try and find ways to manage times of chaos, and you’ll be much more at peace. Your stubbornness can also create problematic situations in your relationships, so you’ll have to find ways to work with this obstinate quality of yours so that it doesn’t tarnish something or someone you deeply value.

And lastly, a challenge to your success in life may be your tendency to be a little lazy and indulgent. You may love the good life so much that you do the bare minimum of work – work that you may not even like.

The advice is to find a creative outlet and see the sparks come back and your energy levels increase. 

Love & Sexuality for the Taurus Zodiac

Love is one of the most important topics for you in life, Taurus. Being ruled by the love planet Venus means that it is easy for you to attract affection into your life. Though you are slow to warm up to the idea of changing your lifestyle to include someone else, you eventually do get there. And, when you do, it is for life.

There’s no sign as committed and steadfast as you in relationship. There is also no sign who is as nurturing and as much of a provider, whether it’s financial or emotional. 

Sexually, you’re also a prize. A Taurus zodiac is one of the most memorable and popular signs in the bedroom, simply because they know how to engage all of the senses at once. This results in lovemaking being a rich, sensory experience and one that is slow, gentle, and tender, as well as powerful and strong.

Being a patient lover means that you always come out with top marks. The one you have chosen will often feel as if they are the luckiest lady – or man – around.

As long as they know that they belong to you, body and soul, your relationships should be smooth and long-lasting. 

Taurus Zodiac Friends & Family

Your sign is steadfast, there is no doubt about that, Taurus. Your friendships last forever, and you’re the type of comrade that others know they are secure with.

Seldom do you lose a friendship, because you truly value your connections and despise drama. If there’s a problem, you deal with it calmly and with patience, and never do you become over-reactive or hastily call it quits.

Your main challenge can be your possessiveness. You’ll have to give your friends (and lovers) a bit of breathing room to do their own thing at times. 

With your family, you are dutiful and often step into the role of the provider. You want to take care of others, whether it’s by being the breadwinner or being the one to prepare a nourishing meal.

Your family looks to you to be the rock, and you happily play this part with your entire heart.  

Taurus Career & Money 

You’re a very successful sign, Taurus, as long as you continue to work hard and don’t allow yourself to spend too much.

You love buying nice things, and this is the only real danger to your bank balance. You’re a sign that either tends to scrimp and save, using coupons and vouchers to save a few extra pennies, or you splurge on a one-of-a-kind art piece, for example, that sets you back much more than you intended. 

Regardless of this, you always somehow manage to make sure you have plenty of money put away for a rainy day. You take great security in knowing that you have a “nest egg” for any situation.

You can do well in most careers, though it’s more fulfilling to have a profession that allows you to be creative.

Too often, the bull does things that make them plenty of money, but don’t allow themselves to spread their creative wings. So do make some space to fulfill this innate need in your life. You’ll love working with art, fashion, beauty, or music. 

Signs most compatible with Lady Taurus

As a Taurus woman, you need security. A casual hook-up or a one-off fling is not for you. Your sign needs a strong commitment of devotion, loyalty, and dedication, and you’ll give the same back with no hesitation.

It takes time for you to get to a place of trust, so you need a partner who will go slowly and with respect for your pace.

Sensuality and romance are absolute essentials in your relationships. Thoughtful gestures are what make you feel most cherished, such as a delicious dinner out and random flowers on a Tuesday morning to brighten up your day! 

Your ideal matches are: 

  • A consistent Capricorn 
  • A tender Cancerian 
  • A kind-hearted Virgo
  • A passionate Scorpio 

Signs most compatible with the Male Taurus

Most male Taurus types are traditional providers. Therefore, they feel very fulfilled when they have a woman who is able to allow herself to receive what they have to give.

A partner who can respect your need for security and who doesn’t pressure you to do things on their clock is someone you will deeply treasure.

As a Taurus man, you treasure a sensual partner who takes time to make themselves beautiful for you and to create a space that feels safe and nourishing. 

These are your perfect matches: 

  • A soft Pisces
  • A giving Virgo
  • A sultry Scorpio 
  • A nurturing Cancer

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