The compatibility of Virgo and Libra Horoscopes

Like the rest of the population, Virgos are attracted to Libras. Libra’s keen intellect and pleasant optimism is a unique and beguiling combination. The airy nature of scales people means that they are buoyed by imagination and have the ability to float above their troubles much of the time, even if their troubles are caused by mean-spirited criticism.

Fortunately, Virgos are also gentle people. Their criticism is not usually mean-spirited. It is, however, well-aimed and sharp with precision. Detail-oriented Virgos can find fault in the smallest nuances of someone else’s personality and way of going about daily life.

They can hold themselves and others to perfectionistic standards when they really need total acceptance in a relationship (just like we all do).


Libra’s intellect is expressed in a profoundly different way than Virgo’s. Virgos, who care about images, admire Librans’ social graces, refinement, and eloquence. But Libra’s optimism crosses the line into idealism, and Venus’s rulership softens their worldview. They see through rose-colored glasses, erring on the sunny side. Something in Libra’s nature, softened as it is by Venus’s sensitivity and love of beauty and pleasure, is instinctively revolted by ugly truths.

Virgo, however, is a negative feminine sign (Libra is a positive masculine sign). Virgos’ glass is rarely half-full without prolonged, cognitive behavioral efforts to embrace uncertainty and the possibility that things will go right.

They may scoff at Libra’s tendency to sugarcoat the hard, cold facts, which they have an uncanny ability to home in on. Pragmatic by nature, Virgos are not excessive people and prefer to deal with facts rather than speculations. Libras, however, can weigh decisions on the Libra scales for even longer than Virgos, who obsess about details.

They may have trouble seeing the entire picture together and instead lose themselves in minor details that don’t pierce through to the heart of the matter.



Virgo is naturally somewhat shy. Even the most verbose or extroverted Virgos, whose talent for communication is thanks to Mercury’s rulership, are emotionally reserved. However, when charmed by a Libra, their sensitive side flowers into fullness.

Libra is highly attuned to the aesthetic and intellectual value of all art forms. She is pleasing to the eye no matter what her physical features. She is also endowed with superior style and sophistication. The sensitive nature of Libra men, which often translates to an almost effeminate charm and sex appeal, makes them notoriously popular among women (and men).

Both of these signs are intellectual enough to relate to each other harmoniously in many respects. Virgo admires the fact that Libras think carefully about decisions before they make them and are able to see both sides of most situations. Libras also respect the Virgo intellect – except for when it rips off their rose-colored glasses, dashes their optimistic spirits, and deflates their airy buoyancy with which they move through life.

However, their friendship usually recovers nicely from stress. Libra’s harmonious personality brings peace to Virgo’s anxious mind, putting life on an even keel. Balance is something every Virgo wants to attain, but they always seem to just miss the mark.



Virgos have a soothing presence. Their earthy groundedness calms and centers Libra, who is often stressed by indecision. Libras weigh even the smallest mundane details on the famous Libra scales, exploring both sides of every issue and struggling to come to a conclusion. Thus, Libra appreciates Virgo’s patience, objectivity, and logical approach to problem solving

Libra is a positive masculine sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure. He/she can be a romantic idealist, imagining that even major mistakes can be atoned for in the future if two people really love each other. Virgo, who is influenced by negative masculine forces, is much more attuned to the gravity of mistakes. Therefore, he becomes virtually obsessed with not making them. 

On one hand, there is an undeniable wisdom and sense of responsibility in this approach. On the other, it sometimes leads to perfectionism, and everything Libra does is under scrutiny. Being criticized or spending too much time in the presence of pessimism can really burst Libra’s airy bubble, so to speak. Virgo should direct his caring, responsible side toward making Libra feel nurtured by their advice instead of devalued by it.

 If they have trouble with this task, they can look to Libra, who cushions criticism between compliments, buffering harsh truths by pointing out the bright side. Above all, Libras need to feel loved. It is the most important part of life to most of them. So if Virgo wants to keep Libra happy, he/she will need to be more demonstrative of emotions and affection.



Libra brings out Virgo’s sensitive side while nurturing his/her ego, something other signs have difficulty doing this with their lovers. This is especially so if they are perfectionist Virgos, who are as hard or harder on themselves as they are on others.

Because Libra is a sentimentalist and Virgo values commitment, they might well get married. That is, if their relationship remains happy and stable for a long enough time for Virgo to feel it’s a safe, wise investment. Virgos don’t jump into romance with nearly as much romantic spontaneity as Libras.

Libras are a bit of a paradox in some ways. For starters, they strive for balance and radiate harmony, but often agonize over the decision-making process. They may seem to make two opposite statements at once about the same thing. However, unlike Gemini, this is not because of innate duality so much as it is a symptom of their need for balance and harmony.

Some Libras divide the world into blacks and whites. Others seem to be expressing two opposite opinions at once, but are actually wise in their capability to see multiple angles of a situation. Most do both quite often.

Virgo’s objectivity provides a strong sounding board for Libra when he struggles to make a decision. Her patience relaxes Libra, restoring his sense of harmony. Some Virgo/Libra marriages fall into the pattern of Virgo doing the detail work and drudgery, freeing Libra up to pursue his flights of fancy. This is fine if it happens to some extent, but if it becomes a pattern, Virgo will not hesitate to let Libra know she does not appreciate being taken advantage of.

 Most conflicts between them can be solved with a strong enough combination of love and logic. Because they both take a more intellectual than emotional approach to problem solving, they aren’t usually too clouded by emotion to talk issues through as they arise. Besides, once this relationship escalates to marriage, both of them will do everything they can to make it last. Virgo is deeply loyal, and Libra lives to please a lover, nurturing the relationship even during conflict.



Speaking of talking things through, both of these signs are strong, eloquent communicators. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of information, communication, and technology, Virgos have a true gift with words. In fact, their verbosity is where their creativity and sensitive attunement to the human condition is most evident. 

However, Virgos are quicker to express thoughts and ideas than feelings. Libra, on the other hand, is a sentimentalist for whom love makes the world turn. Romantic overtures and Hallmark-worthy expressions of love light up their dazzling smiles and bring happy tears to their lovely eyes. If Virgo can be more demonstrative of his emotions, Libra will respond wonderfully, infusing intimacy into the most mundane aspects of their lives. He will also be the first to compromise during disagreements and smooth out their troubles with an endearing eagerness to please.



The sexuality between these two is complicated, but not necessarily in negative ways. They may experience a disconnect because Libra’s lovemaking is so sentimental, and Virgos prefer to maintain a certain amount of emotional detachment.

The typical Virgo does not fully surrender to love, even when it lives deep in his heart, a bright flame that burns on through time. Still, Libra’s lovemaking is on the ephemeral side, delicately brushing the surfaces of a lover’s desires. People who need more tangible, physical embodiment of romance might feel that something’s missing from sex with Libra. But fortunately, Virgo is usually satisfied with this approach.

I said before that nowhere is Virgo’s creativity more apparent than his ability to communicate ideas. That translates to sex as well, especially with an imaginative Libra. While Virgo may not share all of Libra’s romantic ideals, his/her loving nature brings out his sensitivity. He/she is attuned to every nuance of his lover and the sexual experience. Every small sigh or touch has a meaning that lends itself to elaborate fantasy. Virgo’s creativity has a magical way of bringing Libra’s fantasies to life, especially when he trusts his Libra lover enough to be vulnerable.



  • Both Virgos and Libras are highly intellectualized and use logic to solve problems rather than acting on pure emotion.
  • They are both strong, eloquent communicators who are adept at problem-solving.
  • Libra’s loving nature, combined with her ability to stay cool and objective in the face of conflict, waters the seed of Virgo’s emotional sensitivity. It also gives it a harmonious environment in which to grow.


  • Virgo’s pessimism and critical, exacting nature can deflate airy Libra’s optimism.
  • While Libra is a social butterfly, Virgo is quieter and more reserved. Their date night ideas may not always be compatible.
  • Virgos are meticulous about saving money, and Libras can be too spontaneous about their choices. Libras are pleasure-loving by nature, enjoy surrounding themselves with the finer things in life, and prefer a wardrobe that combines beauty with sophistication (which can get expensive). 

Summary of Virgo and Libra

Although these two have many differences, they have enough in common that their dissimilarities can manifest as opportunities for growth. While sometimes differences translate to incompatibility, in this case, there is usually enough harmony to remain happily connected through conflict.

This unique relationship manages to combine love and sentimentality with logic and reason, which is rare. As long as they both feel a strong connection and want this relationship or friendship to last, they do everything in their power to nurture it. 


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