A guide on the Virgo horoscope which is represented by the Virgin.

A Quick Introduction to Virgo

As the only “mutable” earth sign in the zodiac, Virgo, you tend to be someone who is both grounded and flexible – a rare combination indeed!

You’re able to hold a solid space in a chaotic world and move smoothly with change, and your only complaint would likely be the disruption to your beloved routine.

For you, having a regular schedule is imperative to your sense of wellbeing and happiness. And the simpler, the better. You tend to get over your initial “grumpiness” when plans change and adapt your world to fit the circumstances. 

Kind-hearted and willing to help, you are a sign that others rely on to provide a practical solution to a problem.

You truly want to assist the world in a useful way, which often leads you into professions associated with the service industry, health, or healing world.

You have a true desire to alleviate suffering, and your efficient, no-nonsense manner makes you an excellent companion to have in a tight spot! 

You’re also a sign that is highly intelligent, so you combine this kind-hearted practicality with a sharp mind, able to accurately perceive any situation and give a clear judgement.

You do have to watch out for a tendency to criticism, however, as you can over-analyze things as times, driving you into a state of worry about all the things you cannot fix. When you apply your kind-heartedness to yourself, you find that life gets much easier. 

The Virgo Symbol 

The much-misunderstood symbol for Virgo is the virgin, a term that implies an individual with no sexual experience.

However, in the ancient world, the virgin was someone who was independent and self-sufficient, able to stand on their own feet. They were able to navigate the world without needing a male to support them.

As a Virgo, you also carry this independent and personal strength, to the point where you can support others if they need it. 

Some qualities of the more modern version of the virgin also fit you. You have a tendency to like things that are “pure”. From the food you eat to the type of love you carry for others, there is a sense of “cleanness” to your world.

You are also someone who appears quite reserved and timid, like the archetypal virgin, yet behind the scenes, when you drop the reserves, you are as sensual as any earth sign. 

Element of Virgo

Your ruling element is earth, Virgo, and like all earth signs, it’s important for you to build security and stability in life.

You, therefore, tend to be an extremely hard worker, working around the clock to create this security for yourself. Although unlike Taurus, a fellow earth sign, you never become lazy or indulgent.

You possess a sense of grounding and are patient, methodical, and able to build things slowly and carefully in life. Most earth signs tend to be very successful materially, though you’re not necessarily materialistic.

However, you do like delicious, nutritious meals. And you may indulge in buying and making extremely “clean” health foods. You know the value of a good diet and are the type of sign who won’t stint on spending a bit more on quality.

This applies to your possessions and style as well. Like the other earth signs, you like expensive – although few – things. You’re also very sensual and love to be out in nature, digging your feet into the soil and feeling sunshine on your back. 

Ruling Planet of Virgo

To many people’s surprise, the ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, archetypally the trickster and Messenger of the Gods.

Known as Hermes in Greek mythology, Mercury is all about communication and the mind. It is always full of ideas and moving about from place to place.

Your sign reflects this strong mental energy. Virgo is well known for being one of the most analytical, sharpest, and perceptive signs in the zodiac. 

You can also be rather restless, and because of that may be more anxious than many other Earth signs. You like to be constantly moving. This can often translate into your work, where you like a variety of tasks.

In addition to this constant shifting, you need to be able to express your ideas and talk to others. You crave an outlet for sharing your opinions and often-sharp judgements.

You are often known as the friend who has all the answers and the one who finds a solution to all problems. Although, you have to be careful of being overly judgmental or a “know-it-all”. 

Virgo Birthstone/s

The Virgo birthstone is blue sapphire, a stone which aids mental clarity, calmness, and helps with clear communication – a topic very important to a clever Virgo.

It helps to calm the often-busy thoughts of your sign and settles your mind down. 

Key Traits of a Virgo


Your greatest quality is your kindness, Virgo. You have a willingness to be “of service” in a very selfless, giving way to the world and the people around you.

Though you may appear sharp and critical at times, behind that lies a heart of pure gold. You are also extremely good at details, and your sharp eye never misses a thing, a strength that you use in both your work and personal life to make life that much easier.

You are also someone who is highly organized, and your ability to make award-wining to-do lists is something that others envy. Doing this makes you incredibly productive and never easily overwhelmed by too much to do. 


The hardest challenge for a Virgo is your tendency towards perfectionism, which makes you incredibly hard on yourself and, sometimes, on others.

Your eye for detail is one of your greatest strengths. However, it also becomes a challenge when you use it to pick out all the flaws that you can never fix and become worried them.

Once you learn to let things be a little messy, you can relax. Your tendency to overanalyze or worry about something can sometimes stop you from seeing the bigger picture in life.

You may become too involved in stressing about unimportant things that you never really let go and let life take its course. And finally, you may have a tendency to be overly critical of yourself and your tasks, which can be seen as fussy and pessimistic.

When you learn to overcome this, you can see things become a lot less stressful. 

Love & Sexuality for the Virgo

Virgo is not well-known for their sexuality, yet behind the scenes, your sign is incredibly sensual and sexual. When you trust someone, you completely drop your reserves and become quite a wild thing.

You love to please, so you’ll go out of your way to make your partner feel satisfied and loved. However, you need to be sure that you do the same for yourself.

You also need to try to avoid getting too hung up on the idea of “perfection”, sexually or romantically. Your tendency to see flaws can inhibit the free-flow of passion and love between you and your partner. 

Because of this tendency, you also have very high standards when it comes to relationships, and you are highly picky. Your ideal mate has to tick quite a few boxes for you to consider making them your life partner.

When you do eventually settle, you’ll be a wonderful, kind, and giving spouse. You’ll make many sacrifices for the relationship and make yourself useful to your chosen mate. 

Virgo Friends & Family

You are the type of friend that others rely on in times of need for good, solid, and practical advice. You may not always be the most empathetic. However, your genuine desire to help makes you someone very valued in a friendship.

You may need to learn to exercise self-restraint at times, as you may be moved to give advice even when it isn’t asked for. Allow your friends to make mistakes and learn instead of attempting to protect them so much. 

In your family, you are often “the practical one”, organising get-togethers and time with one another. You are often looked to for guidance when sticky problems arise.

You tend to be very “dutiful” and will happily help wherever you are needed, shouldering on great responsibility and taking great pleasure from that role.

As a parent, you can be somewhat strict and critical, but you’re always full of kindness and willing to run every errand needed by your spouse and children. 

Virgo Career & Money 

Out of all the earth signs, you tend to be the one that is least materialistic. You will work for the pure pleasure of working and being useful to society.

This willingness to work long and hard makes you someone successful in most fields. However, your special interest in the medical and health world would make you a remarkable nurse, doctor, nutritionist, and dietician.

Your analytical mind also makes you excellent at figures, so a career in something like accounting can be extremely satisfying for you. 

Financially, you are a careful sign, and you never miss a buck. You plan your expenses very cautiously and are not someone to go over the top with money. This makes you more of a saver than a spender.

You can accumulate wealth, though your tendency is to work far too hard for what you earn. This is because being of service is more important to you than having plenty of money. 

Signs most compatible with Lady Virgo

A lady Virgo loves a man who is a gentleman in public and sensual in private. You don’t like public displays of affection. Also, you need a man who works as hard as you and who is willing to make sacrifices.

Intelligence is a must, and you appreciate someone with a sharp and critical mind. You need someone who can engage your mind as well as your body.

You won’t tolerate laziness, and you need a partner who is patient, kind, and compassionate towards you. You need someone who can help you worry less in life. 

Your sign goes best with: 

  • A hardworking Capricorn 
  • A sexy Scorpio 
  • A strong Taurus 
  • A clever Aquarius 

Signs most compatible with the Male Virgo

You’re very much a provider and protector in your relationships, Virgo. You love a lady who is willing to let herself be cared for in this way, creating a nurturing home to come back to. Although you also respect if she has a career and veer better, if she is a hard worker like you.

You can be critical, so a woman who is tough and willing to challenge you earns your admiration. You also love a partner who is neat, clean, and organized. 

Your perfect matches are: 

  • A gentle Pisces 
  • A nurturing Cancer
  • A magnetic Scorpio 
  • An ambitious Capricorn  

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