Discover the meaning of angel numbers and what is so special about them

An Introduction to Angel Numbers

Numbers are a regular feature in our daily lives, but their importance goes way beyond using them correctly to pass a maths exam or to verify you get the right change in a shop.

Of course, those things are both useful and important in their own right, but there are other numbers around that exist to help ordinary people tap into another plane of human life.

Those numbers come from the guardian angels around us in the form of angel numbers.

Who are guardian angels and why do we have them?

Every baby is assigned at least two guardian angels who devote themselves 100% to their charges. They offer unconditional love and work hard to keep you as safe and happy as they can.

You can rely on your guardian angels to offer guidance when asked and to provide as many positive opportunities as possible to help you live your best life.

More key facts about guardian angels

·        They are faith blind, so whichever religion you follow (or don’t) makes no difference.

·        You always have free will. Your guardian angels don’t make you do things, but they will always respond to requests for help and guidance.

·        There are strong bonds between you, as your guardian angels know the real you, inside out.

·        They also have a close connection to the spirit world, which is why they can tell you so much about what the universe has in store for you. They can also help you understand what is going on in your life.

How to connect to your guardian angels

Guardian angels have many ways to communicate with those they watch over. Therefore, if you notice white feathers appearing from the sky for no reason, coloured orbs in the sky, the same type of animal over and over, or have dreams where an angel visits with a message, you can be sure they are trying to getting in touch.

One of the things they like to do the most is to communicate through numbers, however.

All you need to do is be aware of what is going on around you and open to the messages the angels send. This way, you will soon be enjoying all the benefits of the wisdom, support, and insight your guardian angels have to offer.

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers (which some people call energetic codes or meaningful coincidence) are like a code which we need to write down and interpret to get the full message. It’s pretty easy to identify these special angel numbers.

Have you ever found yourself randomly glancing at the clock at the same exact time daily or waking up at the same time during the night for several days in a row?

Perhaps you notice a particular number, or sequence of numbers, in various places like on car number plates or receipts. Making a note of the numbers you see means you can look up their meaning and get your guardian angel’s message right away.

A basic guide to interpreting angel numbers

Single numbers 1 through 9 and double digits 11 and 22 form the basic set of popular angel numbers. However, there are plenty more with three or four digits, too.

Each single number has a key meaning. Let’s start by interpreting a few examples from that set.

·        Angel number 1 – represents both independence and leadership. This suggests that an exciting new opportunity to achieve more of either one or both of those factors is on the horizon.

·         Angel number 4 – is connected to work and stability and the need to work towards goals. Depending on your situation, it could be a message to watch out for a better job opportunity or a warning to look around as your current position may become shaky.

·        Angel number 11 – known as a ‘master number’, seeing this around is a clear message to tune into your ‘gut feelings’.

Combined numbers

When two or more numbers are combined to make a sequence, they develop a special meaning. Let’s look at an example of double numbers using 1 + 4 again.

·        Angel number 14 – this can be a clear reminder that life needs balance and that this is something you could work towards. For example, it could be a warning that applying for a promotion at work may be bad news for your personal relationships, so give it plenty of thought.

Remember, though, that your angels are not there to tell you what to do. Instead, they simply want to offer good advice and help you consider all options, so you can get the best out of life.

How about repeating angel numbers?

This is the most common way we see angel numbers appear in our daily lives. Perhaps this is because they are easier to notice.

An example using angel number 333

Imagine you wake up in the night, take a quick look at the clock, and see it’s 3.33. Then, the coffee and snack you pick up for breakfast at work the next day happens to cost £3.33, and on the way home, you see this number sequence on other things, like car plates.

This is an obvious message from the angels, but what does it mean?

Number 3 is an upbeat number. It’s all about creativity and joy, being inspired, and seeing projects through until they lead to success. Overall, it’s an amazing number sequence to get as a message.

This is because it means you have guardian angels cheering you on as you strive to make the most of yourself in a situation where you may lack a little confidence.

You could ask yourself if you are really doing what you long to do with your life. Seeing the number 333 is a sure sign that now is the time to make things happen and exploit the unique gifts only you have to offer.

Some final words

Angel numbers are one of the most popular ways those in higher realms choose to communicate with us here on earth. So, why miss out on such amazing advice from your personal guardians?

After all, they always want the very best for you. Being more aware of angel numbers and how to interpret them could be life changing for you.

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